little girl in flower gardenLooking for a fresh name for eco-baby-to-be? Hit the greenhouse and check out these cool, earthy names for your bouncing botanical baby!

Adorable Annuals: Zinnia, Petunia, Lobelia
Love the “ends-with-an-A” naming trend? You might want to consider one of these adorably out-of-the-ordinary flowery names, inspired by annual blooms!

Fab-Smelling Florals: Freesia, Briar, Blossom, Acacia
Give your sweet-smelling babe an equally sweet-smelling name! We think these fragrant floral names would make a pretty addition to any family’s potpourri.

Names Straight Outta the Forest: Forrest (duh), Leaf, Bryony, Fern, Alder
Want to give your baby an earthy name without calling him (or her) Foliage Pricker Bush? Look no further than the forest for awesomely green baby names.

Pretty Purple Flowers: Pansy, Aster, Verbena, Dahlia
Less common–and more colorful–alternatives to Rose or Lily are blooming in popularity with parents-to-be!

Names From Your Spice Rack:Rosemary, Saffron, Sage, Clover, Camellia
You don’t have to be an ex-Spice Girl to give your baby a spicy name! Just check out your spice rack for some seriously sassy baby name inspiration.

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