female bartender pouring martiniThe local bar is a great place for new parents to go when trying to think of a name for their innocent baby-to-be! If you can ignore the judgmental stares, you’ll find rows and rows of hard liquor and beer just brimming with perfect and unique names for your sweet little one. Check out the names below and take a shot!

This little senorita may be sweet in the morning, sour in the afternoon and a combination of both at bedtime. Just be sure to keep an extra-close eye on your nina, as this one likes to play on the rocks!

Jack & Daniel
Be forewarned: These two rough-and-tumble twins should NOT be paired with a glass of Coke or they’ll never go to sleep!

This trendy name has an edgy sound to it that will undoubtedly fit your little spitfire of a daughter. Nobody messes with Hennessy!

Recall the wine coolers of your youth every time you glimpse your gorgeous babe. Recall those wine cooler-induced hangover headaches when he’s screaming his head off at 3 AM.

The alcoholic beverage favored by Perez Hilton and all three Kardashian sisters can be a top name choice for your elegant little angel.

It’ll always be “Miller Time!” around your house. And when you need a break, just call Melissa Etheridge and get your two Millers together for a playdate. (If you have a third Miller, be sure to find a designated driver.)

Chardonnay, Chablis, Champagne & Sherry
Sweet, bubbly and sometimes a bit dry, these girls bring class to the party no matter what’s in their sippy cups.

Sam & Adam
There’s no doubt these two will be patriots. The trick will be keeping them on the straight and narrow after they’re elected to middle school student council.

Given that Midori is a melon liqueur, it’s a natural choice for your baby’s name, as the word “melon” may have first come to mind while staring at your pregnant belly … and then again when you saw your baby’s precious head.

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