twin babies in one crib


What’s better than getting to name a new baby? How about getting to name two?! Looking for some stellar twin names for your dynamic duo? Or just dreaming of what it’d be like to name your own awesome twosome? Here are some celebrity twin name pairs that we think you’ll agree are doubly delightful!

Tabitha & Loretta
Just as Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker is known for choosing offbeat fashions, SJP chose pretty uncommon names for her baby twin girls with husband Matthew Broderick. Italian name Loretta peaked in popularity back in the 1930s, and Biblical name Tabitha rose and fell in popularity in the 1970s thanks to the TV show Bewitched. Maybe her name choices will become as common as Carrie made the name Manolo!

Emme & Max
When Jennifer Lopez was born in 1969, her name was skyrocketing to the number-one spot on the charts and was as popular as Isabella is today. Likewise, the names she and hubby Marc Antony chose for their twins, Max & Emme, are name trendsetters, too! Why? Names with the letter x are on the rise, as are one-syllable classic-sounding names.

Vivienne & Knox
Whatever Brangelina do, the rest of the world follows! After the birth of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s boy/girl twins, names ending in the letter x (such as Knox) and various spellings of Vivienne have almost quadrupled in popularity. Wonder if the twins’ French middle names– Léon and Marcheline (chosen to reflect the twins’ birth in Nice, France)– will also catch on.

Charlie & Dolly
Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell may live in L.A., but their choice of casual, folksy names–Charlie & Dolly– for their twin girls sounds straight outta Nashville. Dolly in fact was named after Rebecca’s favorite singer, country singing legend Dolly Parton. Sister Charlie’s name (an increasingly popular name for girls) is also the name of Jerry’s brother (who you might remember from The Bachelor a few years back).

Hazel & Phinneas
When Julia Roberts and husband Danny Moder named their twins Hazel & Phinneas, everyone had an opinion. We think these old-fashioned, uncommon names are uniquely beautiful and we’re fans of Phinneas’ nickname, Finn. Hey, Julia could have done A LOT worse!

Valentino and Matteo
Latin heartthrob Ricky Martin gave his twin boys distinctly Latin names that are perfectly paired. We love how Valentino & Matteo are both three-syllable names with Latin origins and end in o, but that their pairing is not too rhyme-y or cutesy. Bravo, Papi Ricardo!

Eden & Savannah
Desperate Housewife Marcia Cross and husband Tom Mahoney chose two place names for their twin daughters. We think both the Georgia city name Savannah and the Biblical garden name Eden are feminine and unique. And we like how their names’ common theme is not too obvious, unlike one place name combo that is popular for twin girls: Heaven & Nevaeh (“Heaven” spelled backwards??!!).

Ava & Grace
Sporty couple Mia Hamm (possibly the most famous female soccer star ever) and Nomar Garciaparra (former Major League baseball star and hitter of historic grand slams) have definitely broken ground on their respective playing fields. But when it came time to name their twin daughters, they went for classic–and very popular–names: Ava & Grace. Both names have a dominant “a” sound, and we give their solid twin name choices a grade of “A” as well.

Darby & Sullivan
Patrick Dempsey and wife Jillian must have taken the phrase “Irish twins” literally–they gave both of their twin boys totally Irish first and middle names. We can’t decide whether we’re bigger fans of the twins’ first names, Darby & Sullivan, or the boys’ middle names, Galen & Patrick. (Check out even more great Irish baby names … for twins or singles!)

Dexter & Frank
Singer Diana Krall helped bring retro jazz music back into vogue, so it’s fitting that she gave her twin sons with music legend Elvis Costello names that are retro-inspired. The boys’ old-school sounding names, Dexter & Frank are, frankly, music to our ears.

Rodney & Ryan
Holly Robinson Peete and football great Rodney Peete gave their boy/girl twins names starting with the same letter, R, a common naming practice by parents of twins. But the similarities end there. Son Rodney is a “junior” after his father (a very traditional naming technique), but daughter Ryan got a name more common for boys (a not-so-traditional naming technique).

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