baby girl wearing white sunglassesWondering which celebubaby names topped the charts this year? Read on for the best red-carpet-rug-rat names of 2011!

The O’s take the lead! Last year, “X” names were all over the place, but this year, everyone is rocking the O-sound. Lots of celebs jumped on the trend with classic “O” names, like Milo Thomas (Alyssa Milano), Leo (Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem) and Cleo (David Schwimmer).

Vintage Names
Remember when celeb parents were into naming their babies totally out there names? (Like Jason Lee and his baby boy, Pilot Inspektor?!) This year, it’s all about dusting off a classic, vintage-y fave! Tons of celebs looked back to yesteryear and chose names with a cool, retro-chic vibe, like Hattie Margaret (Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott), Agnes Lark (Jennifer Connolly & Paul Bettany), Penelope Athena (Tina Fey) and Sadie Grace (Christina Applegate).

Tough Guy Names
Rough-and-tumble baby names were all over 2011! No doubt these rockstar monikers will give these celebs’ little guys a leg up whether they’re climbing onto a tricycle or a Harley: Rex Harrison (Nikki Taylor & Burney Lamar), Weston Lee (Jenna Fischer) and Xander Dane (January Jones).

’50s Names
Mid-century madness gripped our world this year, so it isn’t surprising that celebs led the way in the 40s and 50s-inspired naming trend. Think hip and happenin’ names like BinghamBing” Hawn (Kate Hudson & Matthew Bellamy), Arthur Saint (Selma Blair) and Robert Ford (Owen Wilson).

Earthy Names
The green movement has influenced every aspect of our lives–including baby naming! In 2011, celebs chose earthy names, like Haven Garner (Jessica Alba & Cash Warren) and Willow Sage (Pink & Cary Hart).

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