baby father playing video gamesGame nerds unite! There’s a new trend in baby-naming and it’s right up your alley–naming your kid after your favorite video game hero! No, we’re not kidding!! Passionate, preggers players are taking character creation to a whole new level and we’ve got the hottest video game baby names to prove it. Game on!

Remember the kid who swore to the Facebook universe that his sister would name his new nephew Megatron, if only he got a million “likes.” Well, his nephew was called Dylan, so you’re in luck–Megatron is still available! And if that’s too far out therefore you, there’s always Tron, the name inspired by the 1982 film and video game of the same name!

After the president of Nintendo America had a heated argument over warehouse rent with landlord Mario Segale, the Donkey Kong character previously known as “Jump man” and “Mr. Video” became the now-infamous “Mario.” Currently #198, Mario saw its height of popularity in the US in the early 1980′s (#102) when Donkey Kong ruled! (And if it’s twins, there’s always Luigi!)

Shigeru Miyamoto the creator of The Legend of Zelda thought Zelda sounded “pleasant and significant” after he learned it was the name of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife. So he picked it for the starring princess in his video game series, which went on to be what is considered one of most important franchises in the gaming world. It’s sold over 59 million copies!

Parents love names like Caden, Aiden and Jayden so it’s no wonder that Raiden, a main character in the Mortal Combat game series. Raiden–a Japanese god–means “thunder and lightning” and it’s currently thundering up the top baby name charts, breaking in at #944 in 2007, when Mortal Combat was released and currently occupying the 670th space.

The main dude in the Devil May Cry video game series, Dante, is currently ranked third among the “Top Ten Coolest Video Game Characters” list. And it’s no wonder– he’s a stylish and dapper slayer of devils and demons; a real modern day knight in shining armor! Which may explain why the name Dante ranks in the top 300 names for boys in the US.

The adventures of British archaeologist Lara Croft are legend in video games and on the silver screen. The Guinness Book of World Records has even deemed Lara Croft the “Most Successful Human Videogame Heroine.” (And, really, what else would you call a character embodied by Angelina Jolie?) Like the name for your newest heroine? You’re not alone. Lara has been on the US Top 1000 baby names list for girls since 1966.

This Japanese name just barely missed hitting the US popularity Top 1000 chart last year, which leaves it poised to enter in 2010! Kairi– which means sea or sea child–is likely the most popular “video game name,” and its popularity in the US is directly related to the popularity of the character in Kingdom Hearts, a series of action-adventure role-playing games featuring characters from Disney and Final Fantasy. Kairi’s character in the series–voiced by Hayden Panettiere–is the sole reason for the current popularity of the name.

What sparked the sudden popularity of this name? Was it the association with the power pop punkers in Good Charlotte? Was it because Mama wanted a Steve Madden handbag really, really bad? More likely the name Madden arrived on the Top 1000 scene in 2007 and has continued to climb the popularity charts for one reason: Madden NFL. Fans of sports games have grown up with Madden and the games have consistently been best sellers. Leave it to gamers to pick a winner!

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