max caroline 2 broke girlsIn addition to excellent entertainment, this TV season’s hottest new shows bring along some great baby names, too! Haven’t seen ‘em all? Get up-to-speed on the plots and swipe the best baby names these prime-time newcomers have to offer.

Up All Night
Christina Applegate joins SNL alums Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph as a new mom struggling to stay in touch with her old identity. (Sound familiar?)
Watch the Show: Wednesdays at 8
Steal These Names: Reagan, Ava, Amy

I Hate My Teenage Daughter
Believe it or not, you, too, will one day have teenagers. But yours won’t be as mean and spoiled as the teen daughters in this sitcom … we promise.
Watch the Show: Wednesdays at 9:30
Steal These Names: Annie, Nikki, Sophie, Mackenzie, Jack

Terra Nova
If there’s anything we can learn from this sci-fi drama it’s that: a) one day we’ll need to travel back in time to start a new civilization and b) names in 2149 will be as cool and classic as ever.
Watch the Show: Mondays at 8
Steal These Names: Nathaniel, Josh, Elisabeth, Maddy, Zoe, Mira, Skye

2 Broke Girls
This show has everything you don’t want for your kids: being broke, having a smart mouth, being spoiled, wearing a mustard-yellow uniform to work every day. So put them to bed before you tune in to laugh your butt off!
Watch the Show: Mondays at 8:30
Steal These Names: Max, Caroline

Despite their friends’ engagements, marriages and divorces, Whitney and her long-term boyfriend, Chris, decide to never get married. Yup, you guessed it: Hilarity ensues.
Watch the Show: Thursdays at 9:30
Steal These Names: Whitney, Alex, Lily, Roxanne, Neal, Mark

Classic fairy-tale characters get a modern twist in this series about a detective who tracks supernatural creatures. You might want to borrow your kid’s night-light after this one.
Watch the Show: Fridays at 9
Steal These Names: Nick, Juliette, Hank, Eddy, Marie

Finding a box of condoms in his teenaged daughter’s drawer sends a big-city dad scrambling for the suburbs. Sounds perfectly reasonable to us.
Watch the Show: Wednesdays at 8:30
Steal these Names: Tessa, George, Dallas, Noah, Dalia

Broadway musicals, Marilyn Monroe, a former American Idol contestant and Debra Messing? This series has “me-time” written alllll over it!
Watch the Show: Mondays at 10 (starting February 6)
Steal These Names: Julia, Eileen, Frank, Karen, Derek, Ivy, Dev, Ellis

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