baby on beachWe love the beach almost as much as we love having kids who are potty trained. The sand and surf are rejuvenating … so much so that they’ve inspired these beachy baby names!

It’s castle material. It’s home to hermit crabs. It’s what makes the beach the beach. And it’s the perfect name for your sandy-cheeked little beach babe.

You’ve been working on that shell collection ever since you were a kid. Baby Shelly will be your finest specimen ever.

Your baby is as beautiful as the most gorgeous coral. And you can bet she’ll be teeming with adoring fans like fish around the Great Barrier Reef.

There’s no denying there’s something magical and soothing about the sea. Now if only your darling little Oceana can remember that soothing stuff during the terrible twos.

Sunny or Sol
Ancient civilizations worshipped the sun for a reason: It’s awesome. Just like your little ray of light.

You’ll be knee deep in cuteness with this kid!

The beach isn’t just for soaking up rays and sipping drinks with tiny umbrellas. Let your little Sailor show you the ropes when it comes to other seaworthy activities.

That post-beach glow is only second to the glowing you do when you’re showing off that gorgeous baby of yours.

Got any other beachy baby names you love? Let us know in the comments below!