little boy playing tee ballIt’s baseball season! So in honor of tailgating, greasy stadium food and Derek Jeter’s bum, we’ve rounded up some game-winning baby names for your little slugger.

It’s not just a name for ancient Greek philosophers and cartoon dads anymore!

This baseball jargon for a starting pitcher is bound to be a hit with hip and happening parents-to-be.

Throw ‘em a curve ball by choosing this awesomely out-of-the-ordinary surname.

Paige & Maris
Paige and Maris are both classic names for girls and just so happen to be the surnames of baseball legends Satchel Paige and Roger Maris!

What better way to satisfy your love for the game than by naming your baby boy after the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame: Cooperstown, New York?!

It ain’t just a girl’s best friend–it’s Dad’s, too, if he’s a baseball fan!

Left, right, in or out? Whichever direction, little Fielder is sure to be a good catch!

A slang term for a hitter with a light touch, this ’50s fave is due for a comeback.

Ray, Ranger, Jay, Red, Brewer
These team names–stolen straight from MLB–are also heavy-hitting baby names!

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