baby boy eating bbqGot barbecue season on the brain? Join the club! In addition to serious cravings for flame-grilled burgers and corn on the cob, we’re totally fired up about these awesome (no joke!) barbecue-inspired baby names!

Hey, if no one brings the burn, then there isn’t a party, right? (Also in the running? Kingsford and Briquette.)

Olive or Dill
As condiments go, these are far finer name choices than Pickle, Relish and Ketchup.

This hot, hot, hot barbecue name is on fire for both boys and grills … er, girls.

Nothing like a good ol’ Coleman cooler to keep the drinks chilled. Come to think of it, Coleman literally means “man of charcoal,” so it’s ideal for your future grillmaster!

The perfect name for your little shrimp!

Believe it or not, this BBQ essential is actually on its way into the top 1,000 most popular girls names in the United States! Having a double (that’s what we call twins ’round here), why not pair little Pepper with some Saul!

Colby, Jack or Blue
It just ain’t a burger without the cheese!

When the barbecue fun’s finally over, the Ash lives on!

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