joyWhen it comes to giving thanks, there’s a lot of stuff on our list. (And some of it isn’t even materialistic!) So we’re celebrating the season with sweet baby names that remind of us stuff we’re most happy to have.

John Lennon was right: “Love IS all you need!” (He was talking about a baby girl, right?)

We don’t know where we’d be without our sanity-saving BFFs. (And a cutie little tot named Buddy isn’t a bad addition, either!)

You gotta be grateful for Hope … even if your hope is just that you’ll actually get to shower and brush your teeth today!

Peace & Serenity
A good night’s sleep is truly something to be thankful for. And with ultra-tranquil names like these, the kids are bound to be good sleepers!

We all need a little escape every now and then. A baby called Haven is a guaranteed way to have one all the time!

A home without bickering kids? Harmony is definitely something to be thankful for (especially around the holidays)!

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