baby holding a microphoneWhat do American Idol finalists have in common (besides their ability to belt out a pop tune and be taller than Ryan Seacrest)? Look no further than their names to find out! We analyzed name trends among the top 10 American Idol finalists from the past 10 seasons to help you pick a superstar name for the kid you’ll idolize.

Names That End With A: Pia, Thia, LaKisha, Mandisa
Seems like Sophia and Isabella have been popular forever, but if you’re looking for a less common alternative to the ends-with-an-A trend, look no further than the ladies of American Idol.

Rockin’ 50s-Inspired Names: Ace, Bo, Scotty, Bucky, Didi, Blake
Rock ‘n’ roll hit the scene in the mid-1950s, along with tons of outta-sight names! No doubt these Idols’ mommy-and-daddy-o’s were inspired by the hip and happening 1950s.

Unusual Names That Are Bound for Fame: Constantine, Fantasia, Ramiele
Chaka Khan. Bono. A symbol (a.k.a. The Artist Formally Known as Prince). If musicians have taught us anything, it’s that an unusually awesome name pretty much guarantees fame!

David: Just David!
Not only has David appeared three times among the top 100 American Idol finalists, but season 7′s runner-up and winner were both named David, so it’s bound to be a winner!

Earthy Names: Brooke, Jasmine, Clay, Crystal
Earthy baby names are everywhere these days and our beloved Idol is no exception. Dub your baby with a name plucked straight from nature and he or she is bound to be a songbird!

Traditional Names: Charles, Christina, Andrew, Katharine, Paul
We say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Especially when it comes to baby names. These traditional names have been super-popular with parents-to-be for decades … and have been among American Idol finalists since season 1.

Initialed Names: Ejay, A.J., R.J.
Initialed names are C-U-T-E for B-A-B-Y. Not only do they make adorably spunky nicknames–but they’d look fab on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, too!

Names of Motown Stars: Latoya, Michael, James, Diana
Today’s kids may be down with Bieber and Britney, but back in the day, Motown Records had all the big stars! So, take a cue from Motown and Idol and give your funky little baby a soulful name.

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