pregnant woman in refridgerator


Give your baby a name that’s good enough to eat! We’ve rounded up a few awesomely appetizing baby names– straight out of your refrigerator!

This one’s a classic–name and barbecued delight. Bonus points if your little Frank is BFF with an Oscar!

Missing out on soft cheese during your pregnancy? Give birth to your own gooey bundle of goodness!

This beefy name is perfect for your rough-and-tumble little dude Angus. But watch out, Dad– he’s gonna fight you for the title of Grill Master!

What comes to mind when you hear the name Julienne? Oh, probably just a painfully cool French woman, wearing a beret and eating baguette. And let’s not forget julienned potatoes. Le yum.

Jack & Colby
Would it be totally cheesy to name your twins after your favorite cracker-toppers? Our sources say, “Nope!”

Just because she shares a name with a light and fluffy cake doesn’t mean your baby Angel can’t be a woman of substance. (Just to be sure, though, you might want to avoid a middle name like “Honey Pie.”)

Piled high with corned beef and sauerkraut, this sandwich is more than a mouthful, which makes the name a perfect match for your more-than-a-handful little man.

They say this cool and creamy salad is the food of the gods. It’s also a delicious-sounding name for your gorgeous little goddess!

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