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“Diamond” comes from Greek word adamas, which means “invincible” –making this gem a truly “tough” name for a baby girl. Know what else can be tough? Getting your guy to splash out for a real sparkler … or two. (Just be sure he knows that Cubic Zirconia doesn’t have quite the same name appeal!)

You can thank luxury designer Coco Chanel for the popularity of this gorgeous baby name … and for all those gorgeous shoes, handbags, clothes and fragrances featuring those lovely interlocking C’s!

As delicate and pretty as a pearl is, believe it or not this name was actually used for boys in the early 20th century. These days its classic sound is all the rage for baby girls. And the classic gift–a long strand of them– is all the rage for big girls!

Whether it’s a sweet sweater or goofy golf socks, you can’t go wrong with a classic argyle gift. As for a baby name though, this one is decidedly less of a standby. Still, Celtic names are currently crazy popular and everyone’s trying to find the next Connor, Aidan or Alistair. So, who knows? Maybe Argyle is it!

Candy has a sneaky way of making it onto everyone’s wish list. And at this time of year, with so many delicious options available, who could blame you? The name Candy is a shortened form of Candace, whose Latin meaning is “honest.” Seriously, how much sweeter can you get?

Our favorite thing about this baby name? Its rugged, swaggering sound. Our favorite thing about this gift? It always fits!

There’s something understated and elegant about using a simple bow to wrap up a precious gift. That’s the beauty of Tiffany’s classic blue box that holds their iconic jewelry and gifts. So is it any surprise that the name Tiffany has been an understated, elegant American classic since 1962?

OK, maybe it’s extravagant to ask for a luxury car for Christmas, but if you’re gonna dream, why not dream big, right? And speaking of dreamy, how about a luxe name like Mercedes (which means “mercies”) for a dreamy little baby girl?

This name hit #639 on the most popular boys name list in 2009–after Bristol Palin chose it for her son. Watch for it to continue to climb the charts in 2010. And if Santa’s good to you and stuffs some airline tickets in your stocking, maybe you’ll be making an ascent of your own on a fabulous trip this holiday!

What’s on your wish list this year? Share below!