family watching tvAhhh, television sitcoms. They make us laugh, they baby-sit our children and they inspire tons of awesome baby names! (Honestly, what can’t TV do?) So, we’re honoring the women of America’s most beloved sitcoms with a baby names list inspired by TV moms!

Despite the fact that you may be tempted to say “Roseanne” to yourself in Roseanne Barr’s whiney, nasal voice, this is a pretty floral name for a totally sane, completely unannoying little girl. (Just be sure to teach her it’s not nice to spit.)

Be warned: An Angela will most definitely try to show you Who’s the Boss in your house. And no, a hunky Tony Danza-type babysitter will not be available to assist.

Maggie is an adorable name. Period. And Growing Pains’ Maggie Seaver totally lived up to her cute name with her curly blonde hair, on-trend mom jeans and turtlenecks-with-sweatshirts combos. (Gotta love those late ’80s fashions!)

She may have been obnoxious as hell as George’s mother on Seinfeld, but man, did she own her obnoxiousness. Here’s hoping your Estelle is a little more chill and a lot less nasal!

Let’s ignore the fact that the world’s ultimate mom called her kid Beaver and never seemed to remove her apron. June is a warm, summery name that just makes people want to be better. (And you’ll appreciate that when she’s 2 … and again when she’s 16.)

Claire is a totally elegant name, swiped from the uber-elegant Cosby Show mom. Here’s hoping your Claire grows up to be a successful lawyer who marries a doctor, lives in a great house and yet never really has to work!

You might be reluctant to call a kid Peggy, with images of Peg Bundy’s spandex, leopard print and coiffed red hair fresh in your mind. But if sass is what you’re looking for, we can hardly think of a more fitting Married … With Children role model.

Call your princess Carol and she may just grow up like her Brady Bunch namesake and be the queen of taking care of six kids, a husband and a dog, and rocking some serious polyester jumpsuits and a shag haircut. (Well, OK, maybe not the polyester part …)

Have any brilliant baby names to add to the list? Tell us in the comments below!