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Need a cool baby name? Turn on the tube! Sure, some of you intellectual types might be getting your baby name-spiration from literature, but you can also find fabulous names while parked on the couch with the remote. We’re loving the names that the characters on our favorite shows are naming their TV-land babies. Tune in and check ‘em out!

Milo on Gossip Girl
Milo, the name of Dan and Georgina’s baby on Gossip Girl, sounds vintage cool (it peaked in popularity back in the ’80s–the 1880s) and we love it as an alternative to over-used Miles. It means peaceful (who doesn’t want a peaceful baby?!), so no wonder celebrities like Liv Tyler, Mel Gibson and Ricki Lake have chosen the name for their celebri-tots, too.

Tucker on Grey’s Anatomy
Dr. Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy called in a prescription for a down-home, cowboyish name when she chose Tucker for her baby boy. Although its meaning–”folder of cloth”–won’t win any Emmys, it has a relaxed vibe and is part of the popular “last name as a first name” trend.

Hope on Raising Hope
Hope, the name of the baby on Raising Hope, tops our list of beautiful nouns that work as girl baby names. We think Hope is a gentle, original name that’s not too common: It has never made the Top 100.

Avi on Weeds
Mary-Louise Parker’s marijuana-growing suburban mom Nancy on Weeds names her new baby son Avi, but then calls him Stevie Ray. Huh? (Well, they were on the run from the baby’s Mexican crime boss daddy.) We think Nance should have stuck with awesome ancient Hebrew name Avi. And Avi is totally unisex, making it a cool girl alternative to over-used Ava .

Rachel on House
Although the characters on medical drama House call each other solely by their last names (or even bizarre nicknames like “Thirteen”), the show makes an exception for Cuddy’s toddler daughter Rachel. This classic, Biblical name is easy on the ears, pairs well with lots of last names and though it’s been steadily used generation after generation, it has never gained that “so popular we’re all sick of it” status.

Maynard on Desperate Housewives
Teri Hatcher’s character Susan on Desperate Housewives names her son Maynard– definitely an oddball choice for Wisteria Lane, and for Hollywood. But we think it totally rocks! Choosing an old-school name that is decidedly unpopular and out-of-the-ordinary is a brave move in baby naming. Which is fitting, since Maynard means “brave and mighty”.

Cecilia on The Office
Do you think Pam and Jim on The Office were rebelling against their own ho-hum, one-syllable names when they chose Cecilia for their baby daughter? (OK, we know they’re just TV characters, but they are totally believable as a couple.) Cecilia is such a romantic, musical-sounding name, which is fitting since St. Cecilia is the patron saint of music.

Lily on Modern Family
Spelled with one “L” or two, Lily is on the rise. Not only is it the name of the baby girl adopted by gay couple Mitchell and Cameron on Modern Family, it’s also currently the most popular floral name for baby girls in the U.S.

Jacques on 90210
On the new 90210 (maybe we’re old, but we totally remember the first version!), Ryan and Jen are surprised to become parents after a quick fling, and we’re surprised that they chose Jacques for their baby’s name. But we like! It’s a pretty suave, international alternative to over-done Jack. We’re particularly fond of the cool “q” in the name.

Sawyer on One Tree Hill
There’s something cool about girls’ names that could totally pass for boys’ names. And Sawyer, the name One Tree Hill‘s Lucas and Peyton picked for their daughter, is no exception. Like her mama, she’s got a tough unisex name that makes people think twice.

John on The Secret Life of the American Teenager
Teen mom Amy on The Secret Life of the American Teenager chooses the very grown-up name of John for her surprise baby. Although some may think the name John bland or boring, we beg to differ. We think it’s the ultimate in classic cool. And since it comes in at a mere #26 on the boy name popularity chart, your son is more likely to be one of several Aidens, Jacksons or Ethans in his class–John’s officially less common!

Anastasia on Gossip Girl
Polish maid Dorota on Gossip Girl finally has a baby of her own, after babying Blair forevs. She names the baby Anastasia, a distinctly Slavic name that we think has Old World cool. The name was made famous by the Tsar’s daughter who legend says escaped during the Russian Revolution. Hey, with the way Blair treats Dorota sometimes, we suggest she start a revolution of her own!

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