the fonzWe’ve been TV junkies pretty much since birth, so we’ve got a soft spot in our hearts when it comes to old-school sitcoms … and the classic baby names they inspire!

Classic Show: Leave It to Beaver
Our Fave Names: June, Ward, Wally & Theodore
Why We Love ‘Em: We love the vintage vibe … and secretly hope we’ll have kids who actually help with chores!

Classic Show: The Munsters
Our Fave Names: Herman, Lily, Marilyn & Eddie
Why We Love ‘Em: As creepy as this fam was, their names are totally cool!

Classic Show: Gilligan’s Island
Our Fave Names: Gilligan, Thurston & Ginger
Why We Love ‘Em: These highbrow-sounding names totally take us to the country club. (And we love a good striped top and boat shoe.)

Classic Show: Happy Days
Our Fave Names: Richie, Joanie & Arthur
Why We Love ‘Em: The ’50s naming trend is sooo hip right now. (Plus, we totally wanted to be Joanie!) <

Classic Show: The Honeymooners
Our Fave Names: Ralph & Alice
Why We Love ‘Em: These babies are the epitome of vintage chic–and despite first appearances, they made a super-cute couple, too!

Classic Show: Three’s Company
Our Fave Names: Jack, Janet & Chrissy
Why We Love ‘Em: Face it, our lives are pretty much a slapstick ’70s sitcom anyway–might as well have the names to go with it!

Classic Show: M.A.S.H
Our Fave Names: Margaret, Maxwell, Francis, Sherman
Why We Love ‘Em: We can’t help but associate these granny and grandpa names with heroic. And who doesn’t want that for their kid?

Got a brilliant baby name idea for this list? Add it to the comments below!