baby-dressed-as-cupid-280x280Valentina & Valentino
Pretty much guaranteed you’re raising a hopeless romantic with names like these!

Always better by the bunch. We’ll take two dozen, please!

Romeo & Juliet
These star-crossed lovers’ names are the epitome of just how far true love will go. (OK, so it’s a little creepy, too, but, hey, it’s Shakespeare, people!)

Love, Honor & Cherish
They’d be the cutest little triplets ever, and with virtuous names like this, they’re bound to be the most loyal, too!

Cara Mia
Even if it’s NOT your name, what romantic could resist being called Cara Mia? It’s an Italian phrase that means “my beloved.” Swoon!

Short of calling a kid Cupid (and we’re not judging if you do!), this name’s about as close to that arrow-slinging, diaper-wearing bearer of love as you can get.

It’s a fancy way of referring to your main squeeze, your guy, your hubs, the big BF … And it may well be what your granny called your granddad when they were “courting”!

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