toddler wearing a pink tutuHaving a Valentine’s baby? Or thinking about making one (wink, wink)? Forget mushy, gushy V-Day-inspired names–we’ve got adorably hip and out-of-the-ordinary ideas for your little love bug!

Names on Conversation Candy Hearts
Angel, Bubba, Love, Busy, Babe
The classic Valentine’s Day candy, conversation hearts are jam-packed with some seriously lovable names! That’s not true, however, for all V-Day candy. We’re looking at you, nonpareils.

Names Straight Outta Love Stories
Cupid, Romeo, Juliet
You’re bound to raise a hopeless romantic with names like these! Just promise us you won’t make little Cupid wear a diaper and wings when he’s 18.

Aphrodisiac Baby Names
Almond, Saffron, Basil, Coriander
These earthy names are actually little-known aphrodisiacs. Of course, if you’ve got a baby on the way, we’re guessing you already know how to get in the mood!

Names to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home
Chardonnay, Sherry, Champagne
Can’t find a babysitter for Valentine’s Day? Invite these sweet and bubbly girls to your at-home celebration and you’re guaranteed to have a good ol’ time. (Remember to invite water, too. You wouldn’t want a hangover to crash the party.)

Names From Your V-Day Wish List
Amethyst, Diamond, Ruby
These names could totally pass for items on our extravagant and luxurious Valentine’s Day wish list! Are you listening, honey?

Lovey-Dovey “A” Names
Amanda, Annabelle, Amy, Archer
Flip the names-that-end-with-A trend on it’s a** … err, rear-end, and choose a classic, lovey-dovey name that starts with the letter “A”! You’ll be charmed, we’re sure.

Have any brilliant baby names to add to the list? Tell us in the comments below!