baby-smelling-flower-outdoors-280x280It’s springtime! So, in honor of nice weather, pretty flowers and fuzzy, little baby animals, we’ve rounded up our favorite sun-soaked baby names, inspired by spring!

It isn’t spring until you spot the first Robin!

One of the first flowers to bloom in spring, Lily has been the most popular floral girls’ name for 15 years.

Rainbow is one of the quintessential nature names– and it’s a sure sign of sunny weather ahead. Looking for something even less conventional? How about Roy G. Biv?! (We kid, we kid!)

Give your sweet-smelling babe a name as fresh as a spring shower!

Bunny, Fawn & Birdie
Cute baby animals are one of the best parts of spring! And Bunny, Fawn and Birdy make sweet names for your little chickadee.

April, May & June
Fun fact: Spring is the only season in which every month can be used as a girl’s name. (And if April, May or June are a little too popular, just cut to the chase and call her Spring!)

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