snooki pregnantAs Jersey Shore’s Snooki approaches her due date, we thought we’d throw our own name suggestions into the ring for her beach-bound babe. Check ‘em out and add your own suggestions in the comments below!

Nicole or Elizabeth
Snooki can get back to her roots by giving her babes her own real name: Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi.

Jionni, Gianna or Lavinie
Snooki has said she plans to name the baby after the father, Jionni Lavalle, if it’s a boy. But if it’s a girl, she could go with the feminine Gianna or the unique Lavinie!

Jennifer or Deena
Jersey girls stick together, so an homage to her BFF Deena or roommate JWoww could definitely make Snooki’s short list.

OK, so, it’s technically gym, but hey … when you say “gym, tan, laundry,” it all sounds the same!

Ed & Hardy
We wouldn’t be surprised if this tot were born in a bedazzled Ed Hardy tee. But on the off-chance he isn’t, he can at least rep the brand on his birth certificate.

It’s the hottest season on the Jersey Shore and a smokin’ name choice for a destined-for-hotness babe.

If there’s one thing the Shore crew can’t get enough of, it’s a burnt-to-a-crisp tan. (But for the love of pickles, Snook, please put some SPF on that baby!)

Got a brilliant baby name idea for this list? Add it to the comments below!