pink-cary-hart-280x280Our favorite colorful rocker and her inked-up hubs are about to have a baby! While Pink and Carey Hart have already announced they’ll name a boy Jameson (after the whiskey, no less!), we’ve got some bold, bright baby girl names for them to add to the palette!

Although Gray is more common for boys than girls, it’s gotten some recent love from parents of girls, inspired by Jennifer Garner’s character Gray Wheeler in the romantic comedy Catch and Release.

Violet had been making a comeback since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner (again with the Garner!) chose it for their firstborn daughter in 2005. Since then this pretty shade of purple rocketed to the top of the charts!

The name Bianca came out of almost total obscurity with the popularity of Bianca Jagger—Studio 54 jet-setter, actress, fashion icon and first wife of Rolling Stones rock star Mick Jagger. Bianca (which means “white”) and Mick also gave their own daughter a color name: Jade … which caused its own baby name craze in 1975.

Ebony became popular after the civil rights movement and first hit the U.S. names chart in 1971. It’s currently more common in Australia than in the U.S., which may make this choice perfect for Pink’s next world tour!

It doesn’t get much brighter or bolder than Fuchsia for Pink Jr.

Hazel hasn’t been a popular name choice since 1892, but after Julia Roberts chose it for her daughter in 2004, it was game on! In 2009, it was the 294th most popular girls’ name in the U.S.

This is a solid gold choice for a Grammy-winning singer! The name broke the pop culture barrier with another strong female leading lady, actress Goldie Hawn.

“O” names are going to be the big thing in 2011 and Olive is going to be at the head of the pack! Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher picked it for their daughter in 2007, sending it straight up the charts into the top 500 names in America.

The name Indigo is growing in popularity. Interestingly, children who are thought to possess special, unusual and/or supernatural traits or abilities are often called “Indigo children.” And is there any doubt the child of this kind of talent will be gifted?

Here’s another 18th-century stunner that’s making a comeback. Not only is it the name of Tobey Maguire’s daughter, Ruby Sweetheart, it’s also been the second-most popular girls’ name in the U.K. for the last three years.

Actress Sienna Miller’s popularity has rubbed off on the baby-naming trend, accounting for the recent rise of this Italian color name, which is also the name of a Tuscan city.

Got any other color-inspired ideas for Pink? Share them below!