Take a cue from bibliophiles across the land and snag one of these literary gems for your kid:

Jane Austen and Jane Eyre are proof positive that Jane is always smart – and can outwit anyone! Just ask Mr. Darcy.

Mark, Samuel and Clemens
You know humor and so will your child if you expose him to Mark Twain — the best of American humor writing!

Jessica, Miranda, Olivia
Shakespeare made up Jessica, Olivia and Miranda specifically for the heroines of his great plays.

Atticus, Scarlett, Scout, Huck, Stella
Southern literature is rife with metaphors, sense of place and awesome names.

Anton, Fyodor, Ivan, Leo, Yuri
Many lit professors can’t shake the hold of Eastern European greats, so why should you?

Byron, Dante, Keats
If poetry is more your bag, try these lyrical names on for size. Or go for a twofer like Langston Hughes or Elizabeth Barrett.

Can you think of names to add our list? Post ‘em in the comments below!