Celebrate Black History Month with these progressive baby names, straight out of American history!

Not only is Carter a current favorite among parents-to-be, but it’s the name of the historian who founded Black History Month: Carter Woodson.

Give your son this strong and timeless name, and he’ll join a notable group that includes civil rights leader Malcolm X.

Rosa is a classically beautiful name and a lovely homage to civil rights figure Rosa Parks, who sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955.

Hattie, Harriet & Araminta
Underground Railroad and Civil War hero Harriet Tubman’s real name was Araminta, but all three names have vintage charm and are due for resurgence.

Martin, Luther & King
Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. continues to inspire social reformation and namesakes. The name King has been rising in popularity every year since 2006.

Frederick, Douglas, Abraham & Lincoln
Traditional names like these have been popular with expecting parents for decades, but they also happen to be two integral figures from civil rights history, too: Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.

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