alicia-silerstone-headshot-280x280Vegan superstar and winner of a Heart of Green Award Alicia Silverstone is about to become a mama! So, in honor of her eco-and-animal-friendliness, we’ve rounded up our favorite earthy, all-natural baby names!

Alicia and her husband can surround themselves with the soothing sounds of babbling Brooks.

It’s French and means “flower”; could it get any dreamier?

The world needs more calm and peaceful Olives (with or without the branch). Bonus: O-names are in for 2011!

He’s bound to be a charged little guy with a striking name like Storm!

If Alicia is going for straightforwardness, maybe she should consider Adam–it means “earth.”

Alicia can take a cue from Gwyneth and dub her veggie baby with a fresh and fruity name!

Forget her ditzy Clueless character, Alicia can get highbrow and pay homage to Ralph Waldo Emerson–the writer whose beliefs were founded on an appreciation of nature!

Wren & Finch
It’s pretty much guaranteed Alicia will be raising a songbird with names like these. Maybe her old friends from Aerosmith could help break him in to the music biz!

This eco-friendly name is strong and gorgeous–just like the Sierra Nevada range itself!

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