baby-drooling-black-background-280x280It’s a boy! Congratulations! Now all you have to do is pick a name for your bouncing bundle of testosterone. Unfortunately, when it comes to baby names for their boys, the manly monikers dads tend to love might just make you think twice.

Dad’s thinking: Nobody’s kicking MY kid’s ass!
You’re thinking:I wonder how long kindergarten detention lasts.

Dad’s thinking: We’ll call him Brewski for short.
You’re thinking: Well, at least it’s not Hops or Malt Liquor.

Dad’s thinking: He’s gonna be president of our hunting club.
You’re thinking: He’s gonna spit on the stage at his preschool graduation.

Remington or Winchester
Dad’s thinking: Guns!
You’re thinking: Prison!

Dad’s thinking: Do you think they’ll start calling me Senior?!
You’re thinking: This could actually convince me to name him Buck.

Espn or Espen
Dad’s thinking: Yes!
You’re thinking: Oh HELL no.

Butch or Spike
Dad’s thinking: We’ll have matching motorcycles!
You’re thinking: They’ll have matching tattoos when he’s 8.

Dad’s thinking: Together we make fire.
You’re thinking: Exactly.

Maximus or Leonidas
Dad’s thinking: GLADIATOR!!!!!!!!!!!
You’re thinking: Russell Crowe is HOT! Wait … focus!

Chuck Norris
Dad’s thinking: How cool is THAT?!
You’re thinking: I wonder if it’s too late for a sperm donor.

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