If you’re in need of a name for your bundle of joy, why not let Dad do the honors? Here’s a list of baby names inspired by things that dads love:

Even better–he can call him “Brewski” for short!

A tie is the traditional father’s day gift, but a baby named Ty is the gift that keeps on giving!

Ford & Chevy
There may be some sibling rivalry between these two, but Dad can likely head it off at the pass.

Hunter, Skeet, Buck, Gunnar, Archer
‘Cause names like these shout “future president of the sportsmen’s club.”

Jock or Jacques
Why not just cut to the chase and proclaim the child an athlete from birth?

Chuck, Kobe, Porter, Angus
The quickest way to a dad’s heart is with a smile from his little boy. The second? A juicy cut of meat!

Can you think of names to add our list? Post ‘em in the comments below!