baby crawling in autumn leavesIt’s FALL! And in honor of apple cider, crunchy leaves and cool weather, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite fall-inspired baby names. So grab your scarf and read on!

Don’t shy away from the obvious–people love Autumn for good reason! It’s totally beautiful, cool and super-fun. Just like you. And just like your baby girl.

Want to pay homage to your fave season without calling your kid Foliage? We’re betting your little Leif won’t fall too far from the old tree!

Cinnamon & Ginger
Nothing says fall like sugar and spice, and these names are perfect for a spicy little sibset!

You don’t have to be Gwyneth Paltrow to give your baby a fresh and fruity name!

Dub your little guy with this rugged name (it means “one who saws wood”!) and you’ll always be prepared for a fall bonfire!

Rye, Barley & Wheatley
Look no further than the fall harvest for ultracool, earthy baby names! We guarantee Dad will love these names, too–they are the main ingredients in beer, after all.

Enjoy the crisp fall weather all year long with a cool little Crispin!

Got a brilliant baby name idea for this list? Add it to the comments below!