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The Lone Ranger star Armie Hammer, 27, and TV host wife Elizabeth Chambers, 31, are expecting their first child. The couple has been married for 4 years.

It’s been said of Hammer and Chambers, “They are such a loving couple that this is the perfect next chapter in their lives.” How about adding a page of baby names? Check out these options:


Jack: Hits the mark when paired with the Hammer surname.

Claude: Ditto.

Rock: One more!

Nave:  If your dad’s name is a branch of the military, then a nod to the Navy…

Ari Fawz: …or Air Force …


Marine: …or Marine Corps is in order!

Emma Celia: Because Emma C. Hammer is too legit to quit.

Birdie:  Since they own Bird Bakery in San Antonio, Texas.

Tyla: ‘Cause in The Social Network he played the part of both twins, Tyler

Camryn:  …and Cameron Winklevoss.

We want to hear YOUR name suggestions for the couple! Share in the comments below!