Share your love of nature by doing something wild: choosing an animal name for your little cub!

Popularized by X Files‘ lead character Fox Mulder, this sleek, stylish name has been quietly used for generations.

It can be seen as a fierce animal name, or a playful short form of the more formal Wolfgang. Newscaster Wolf Blitzer is a famous bearer.

Bryan Adams — a strong advocate and campaigner for animal rights — named his eldest daughter Mirabella Bunny in 2011.

Parents searching for a delicate vintage choice that hasn’t been “overdone” should consider this beautiful Irish variant of Mary.

A drake is a male duck, but these days, it’s more often associated with the singularly named Canadian rapper and actor (born Aubrey Drake Graham).

Buck, along with longer form Buckley, jives well with current trends. Roseanne Barr chose it for her son, born in 1994.

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