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There’s no need to invent a name — just shake the dust off one from ancient Rome!

Celebrities who’ve chosen Felix for their baby boys include Hugh Grant, Gillian Anderson and Elizabeth Banks.

This is a fabulous alternative to trendy choices like Olivia and Olive. The name means “eighth” but you don’t need seven other kids to use it!

Once common in the Roman Empire, Aurelia has revitalized, becoming one of the fastest-rising names of 2013.

Both Erykah Badu and comedian Blake Anderson have chosen the mythological Mars — name of the Roman god of war —  for their daughters.

The always stylish Rachel Zoe chose Kaius Jagger for her boy born last December.

Look for this classic to rocket in popularity, thanks to the character Augustus “Gus” Waters in the book and film The Fault in Our Stars.

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