baby laying in cabbage leavesYou may be spending your pregnancy snarfing down milkshakes and fries like it’s your job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still give your kid a healthy start! Grab a bacon cheeseburger and hit the aisles of Whole Foods for baby name inspiration! (Or just check out this list of our favorite health food baby names.)

Don’t let the “a” at the end fool you–this hard-to-pronounce gem is all boy! Can’t you just see little Quinoa (KEEN-wah) stomping around the playground with Quincy and Joaquin?

Generally dismissed as “snob lettuce,” we’re crying foul on the arugula haters when it comes to your precious baby girl. It may be a bitter green, but as a baby name, it’s totally fancy!

Truly crunchy parents are gonna love this granola option. As health food names go, this one’s undoubtedly unisex, coming in somewhere between Mimi and Max on the baby-name spectrum.

OK, OK, so technically the dietary supplement spirulina is a “free-floating, filamentous bacteria,” but as a uniquely creative name for your sure-to-be artistic daughter, it’s a winner!

This chocolate “substitute” isn’t fooling us, but we are digging it as a name choice, in line with more traditional classics like Caleb and Blake.

It’s the hip green that everyone’s eating … but nobody really likes! Skip the raw food salad in the organic display case and choose this cool veggie name for your bouncing baby boy instead.

Naming your kid after an obscure vegetable is a surefire way to get her noticed (and prove you’re totally in the healthy-eating know)! Other options? Daikon, Chard or Endive. (Pronounce that last one AHN-deeve for bonus points.)

He’ll fit right in with preppy pals Tad and Brock, plus he’ll always meet his daily requirement of omega-3′s.