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  • tabbi_lea

    LN: Tabitha
    DH: Zachary “Zack” Xavier – 31
    DW: Elizabeth “Lizzy” Marie – 29
    DD: Sophia “Sophie” Carter – 11
    DS: Alexander “Alex” Michael – 9
    DD: Dakota “DJ” Jane – 8


    2 more years have passed and we’ve decided that these last little editions to our family will be the last. 9 months ago, we began the process to get Emily pregnant. Now, we welcome 2 more babies into the world.

    LN: Kennedy-Adams
    DW: Ashley Blake- 31
    DW: Emily “Em” Jessica- 27
    DD: Charlotte “Charlie” Belle- 6
    DD: Diana “DJ” Juliet- 4
    DAS/DAD: Nathaniel “Nate” Thomas/Sophia “Sophie” Reagan- 2
    DD/DS: Isabelle “Izzy” Jocelyn/Alexander “Alex” Jace- nb
    DDogs: Mickey (male) and Sammy (female)- 4

    Charlie at age 6

    DJ at age 4

    Nate and Sophie at age 2

    Izzy and Alex


    It seems that every 2 years, we add on to our family. This time we’re introducing 2 little ones. We thought that our family would be complete with our little girls but after hearing that a local teen had just given birth to twins and didn’t want them, Ashley and I decided that we would adopt them.

    LN: Kennedy-Adams
    DW: Ashley Blake- 29
    DW: Emily “Em” Jessica- 25
    DD: Charlotte “Charlie” Belle- 4
    DD: Diana “DJ” Juliet- 2
    DAS/DAD: Nathaniel “Nate” Thomas/Sophia “Sophie” Reagan- nb
    DDog/DDog: Mickey (male)/Sammy (female)- 2

    Charlie at age 4

    DJ at age 2

    Nate and Sophie


    2 more years have gone by and now we’re introducing you to our 3 newest editions to the family.

    LN: Kennedy-Adams
    DW: Ashley Blake- 27
    DW: Emily “Em” Jessica- 23
    DD: Charlotte “Charlie” Belle- 2
    DD: Diana “DJ” Juliet- nb
    DDog/DDog: Mickey (Male)/Sammy (Female)- 6 weeks

    Charlie at 2 with a newborn DJ

    Mickey (Left) and Sammy (Right)

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    2 years later, Ashley gives birth to our first baby, Charlie!

    LN: Kennedy-Adams
    DW: Ashley Blake- 25
    DW: Emily “Em” Jessica- 21
    DD: Charlotte “Charlie” Belle- nb

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    LN: Kennedy-Adams
    DW: Ashley Blake-23
    DW: Emily “Em” Jessica-19

    We were married by a lake in a park near the town we grew up in.

    We honeymooned in Ireland.


    DTeacher (female): Hannah Rose Orrand
    DTeacher (male): Christopher Yonah Ideman

    Boy: Matthew Eric Ackers
    Boy: Noah Jackson Anderson
    Girl: Caroline Raleigh Ardnie
    Boy: Harrison Anthony Attony
    Boy: Isaac Channing Booker
    Boy: Francis Theodore Brine
    Girl: Gwendlyn Jessica Carney
    Girl: Nora Marie Chessing
    Girl/Boy: Katelyn Cecelia Chilney/Nathan Lewis Chilney
    Girl/Boy: Annabel Kianna Crane/Samuel Aiden Crane
    Girl: Cassidy Cora Dedairo
    Boy: Nicholas Steven Dreyer
    Girl: Lilla Christiana Fredricks
    Boy/Girl: Katie Ray Garret/Liam Christian Garret
    Boy: Bently Tristan Garths
    Girl: Rebecca Leslie Geglin
    Boy: Aaron Anthony Gillan
    Boy: Xavier Elliot Goatz
    Boy: Chase Jonathon Grayson
    Boy: Vincent Allan Jacobs
    Girl/Boy: Adam Victor Jaegar/Lucy Jennifer Jaegar
    Girl: Raena Tiffany James
    Boy: Edward Jonah Jennings
    Girl: Cathrine Isabel Jones
    Girl: Elodie Jane Karev
    Boy/Girl: Andrew Holden Kran/Ursula Ashlyn Kran
    Boy: Dylan Berkley Lewis
    Boy: Nicky Angelo Loren
    Girl: Amy Janis Manson
    Boy: Carlos Evan Mariner
    Girl: Noelle Dianne Mexine
    Boy: Andre Isadore Morin
    Girl/Girl: Elaina Breane Nadar/Samantha Willow Nadar
    Girl: Caden Melissa Noon
    Girl: Kristen Deborah Roads
    Boy: Brookly Fredrick Roaning
    Boy: Kyle Gregory Runt
    Girl: Shaylie Beatrice Singer
    Boy: Timothy Nolan Sunnig
    Girl: Ryan Penelope Vick
    Girl: Josephine Sierra Williams
    Girl: Karyn Abigail Yates


    Nathaniel Simon

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