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  • newdaddy79

    Thanks for everyone’s feedback. Ultimately a name is a preference, so I do appreciate everyone’s thoughts. It is funny how we all think!

    I want to point out that we are leaning towards Kinley, not McKinley, taking away some of the aspect of the name sounding like a surname. I am not a big fan of the Mc, Mac, or Ma names as they do sound like surnames. I don’t personally think Kinley does, any more than Kelly. But again, I guess that is why they call it an opinion.

    I personally also don’t want a name that your child will share with 5 other classmates! And while its funny that people say it has soared in popularty, I have NEVER meet a child or have a friend with kids that has named their child Kinley. In fact, its not even top 100. So while it might have become a bit more popular in recent years, it is far from a popular name.

    Most names come and go with time. For instance, my name is Jason. Very rarely do you hear a new baby boy named Jason. However, in my generation it was an extremely popular name. Does that mean my name didn’t “age well”. I would probably say it is just fine. I am not sure that a name aging well is an overwhelming factor. I do get if your saying it is “too cutesy” or wouldnt work on a woman, but ultimately I think all names are names that grow with a person. Your reputation goes beyond the actual name and lies in your character. I think there are a lot of popular names today that sound way more cutesy – Chloe, Ava, Anabelle, Sophia, Lily, Harper, Layla, etc. etc.

    So at any rate, some interesting opinions in here. And thanks. My wife and I are not 100% certain, but are highly leaning towards this name. It seems to fit us an will fit her good!

    Take care.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1)

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