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  • MomE2B

    We havent officially decided but were gonna go with these two for each gendar.

    Jameson Larry
    Davis William

    Elizabeth Sandra “ellie”
    Grace Eleanora

    Thank you everyone for your help. Still 7months to go so of course names could always change. But I’ll keep you posted!!!


    Thank you all for your info. Lydia is still a name I love but my husband does not like it. So we agreed to take it off our list and go with family names.
    Larry is my fathers first name, he is not a Lawrence. However he is named after his grandfather who was Lawrence. So wed prefer Larry but Lawrence isn’t totally put of the question. For us the meanings of the names mean more then how great it sounds together.
    I personally think Jameson Larry flows better with out las name too.
    Jameson Larry Knolend (pronounced Nolan)
    Jameson Lawrence Knolend


    Thank you all so much for your suggestions.Yes Sandra is a very hard Middle name to pair a good first name with, I think thats our biggest problem. But its such an important name to us that we really want to use it.

    As you can tell, yes we dont really have a naming style. If it helps boys names we are set on are listed below. No reason really as to why we chose all J names, we just like them. and Im not a huge fan of having kids whose names all start with the same letter, but it just kinda happened that way. Middle names are also family names.
    Jack Larry
    Joseph William
    Jameson Bret

    Someone had said it might help if you knew our last name. Our last name is, Knolin (pronounced like the name Nolan)

    Out of the names you’ve all suggested I do like Evelyn & Violet. I’ll have to run those by my husband.

    Thanks for your help!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3)

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