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  • Line Sofie
    Line Sofie

    DGF: James Henry (88)
    DGM: Mary Ruth (86)

    James & Mary;
    Nancy (66), Joe (64) and Char (59);
    Lana (48), Jen (46), Nikki (40), Wes (40), Tracey (39), Julie (38), Seth (37), Keith (36), Liv (33), Steve (32), Spence (31), Ash (29) and Shane (27);
    Lou (17), Phoebs (14), Jesse (12), Connor (9), Ellie (9), Josh (8), Logan (7), Lucy (7), Ethan (5), Caleb (4), Noah (3), Poppy (3), Soph (2) and Oscar (1);

    DD1: Nancy Carol (66)
    -DH: Thomas John (69) “Tom”
    —DD1: Lana Michelle (48)
    —–DH: Mark Jeffrey (46)
    —–DS1: Joshua Matthew (8) “Josh”
    —DD2: Jennifer Lori (46) “Jen”
    —–DH: Jason Andrew (31)
    —–DS1: Ethan Anthony (5)
    —–DS2: Noah Samuel (3)
    —DD3: Nicole Angela (40) “Nikki”
    —–DH: Chad Alistair (?)
    —–DS1: Logan Benjamin (7)
    —–DS2: Caleb Jack (4)
    —DD4: Julie Rebecca (38)
    —–DH: Adam Todd (39)
    —DS1: Keith Douglas (36)
    —–DW: Lauren Christina (32) “Laurie”
    —–DS1: Jesse Cameron (12)
    —–DS2: Connor Evan (9)
    —DD5: Olivia Carmen (33) “Liv”
    —–DH: Julian Omar (31) “Jules”
    —DS2: Spencer Wayne (31) “Spence”
    —–DW: Katelyn Regina (28) “Katie”
    —–DD1: Ellie Delaney (9)
    —–DD2: Lucy Adrianna (7)
    —DD6: Ashley Catherine (29) “Ash”
    —DS3: Shane Nathaniel (27)
    —–DW: Carrie Leah (30)
    —–DD1: Sophia Amelia (2) “Soph”

    DS1: Joe Franklin (64)
    -DW: Sheila Lynnette (60)
    —DS1: Wesley Lance (40) “Wes”
    —–DW: Emily Terri (35) “Em”
    —DS2: Seth Eugene (37)
    —–DW: Jody Marie (32)
    —–DD1: Poppy Matilda (3)
    —–DS1: Oscar Harry (1)

    DD2: Charlene Joyce (59) “Char”
    -DH: Anthony Lawrence (63) “Tony”
    —DD1: Tracey Louise (39)
    —–DH: Nicholas James (41) “Nick”
    —–DD1: Eloise Mae (17) “Lou”
    —–DD2: Phoebe Abigail (14) “Phoebs”
    —DS1: Steven Kay (32) “Steve”
    —–DW: Maria Leigh (28)

    Line Sofie
    Line Sofie

    Jacklyn Rose,
    Jacobella Grace,
    Jada Marie,
    JaKayla Renee,
    Jalissa Lynn,
    Jaliyah Anne,
    Jamelia Elaine,
    Jamiyah Faye,
    Janessa Mae,
    Janiyah Diane,
    Jaycee Elizabeth,
    Jayne Ellen,
    Jazlyn Dawn,
    Jazmyn Jo,
    Jeanette Elynn,
    Jelena Carlie,
    Jennifer Carla,
    Jerica Paige,
    Jessica Katrina,
    Jianna Zariah,
    Jillian Phoebe,
    Jinger Meadow,
    Jisselle Destiny,
    Joanna Tara,
    Joellen Julia,
    Josie Desiree,
    Journey Sage,
    Jozlyn Noelle,
    Julieanne Regina

    Jackson Gene Thomas Winchester,
    Jacob Gordon Warren Winchester,
    Jacoby Ross Panos Winchester,
    Jadrian Jude Douglas Winchester,
    Jamarion Tomy Ray Winchester,
    James Roman Tyler Winchester,
    Jarrell Patrick Franklin Winchester,
    Jarrett Keith Branson Winchester,
    Jaron Chet Justice Winchester,
    Jase Alex Ryan Winchester,
    Jason Paul Vance Winchester,
    Jasper Darren Quinn Winchester,
    Javon Alexander Abel Winchester,
    Jaydon Dylan Reid Winchester,
    Jaylon Richard Peter Winchester,
    Jedidiah Skyler Julian Winchester,
    Jeffery Trace Brandon Winchester,
    Jensen Pax Russell Winchester,
    Jeremiah Graham Andon Winchester,
    Jerrold Kendrick Emanuel Winchester,
    Jett Matthew Owen Winchester,
    Joel Byron Charles Winchester,
    John Remington Scott Winchester,
    Jonah Harrison Jared Winchester,
    Jonavan Keaton Bruno Winchester,
    Joran Adrian Sage Winchester,
    Jordan Dallas Cordell Winchester,
    Jorg (George) Bernard Brad Winchester,
    Joseph William Conrad Winchester,
    Joshua Rodney Theodore Winchester,
    Josiah Parker Zane Winchester,
    Jost Broderick Isaiah Winchester,
    Jude Matthew Brennan Winchester,
    Julian Clifford Luke Winchester,
    Justin Sheldon Hunter Winchester

    Line Sofie
    Line Sofie

    LN: Monroe
    DW (32): Chelsea Ella Monroe
    DH (36): Ethan James Monroe

    Wedding: Church
    Honeymoon: Cruise

    DAS/DAS (13): James Michael Monroe & Jacob Aiden Monroe “Jamie & Jake”
    - Jamie and Jake are very different. They are identical twins, but personality wise they couldn´t be more different. They were adopted at 6 years old from the US. Jamie loves to play sports and has more energy than should be possible. He is outgoing and loves to hang out with friends after school. Jake is also talkative if you talk about a subject that he is interested in. If not, he might come across as shy and quiet. Once he lets you in, you´re in for the long haul. He is loyal and will stand up for his friends if needed.

    DD (10): Sara Miriam Monroe
    - Sara is the oldest biological child of Chelsea and Ethan. She is like Jamie very outgoing. They are very good friends and will do a lot of stuff together – more so when they were younger, though. Being only 2 years old when the twins, Daisy and Hazel were born, she didn´t get as much attention as she wanted. Therefore she was very happy when a year later, Jamie and Jake arrived and they loved to play with her because she didn´t cry as much as the babies.

    DD/DD (8): Daisy Emerald Monroe & Hazel Juniper Monroe
    - Daisy and Hazel are fraternal twins. Daisy loves to sing and dance and Sara will join her most of the time. Hazel loves to read and quickly took to reading after learning it. She already talks about wanting to be a teacher. Daisy wants to become a famous singer.

    DS/DD/DD (5): Reed Robin Monroe & Lily Marigold Monroe & Olive Primrose Monroe
    - The triplets were quite the surprise for their parents, but they are loved nonetheless. Reed, being 8 years younger than Jamie and Jake, sometimes can feel a little left out. Jamie and Jake have been good at bringing him along and playing with him though. Reed was taught by Jamie to play baseball at a very young age and is turning out to be more and more like a mini Jamie. Lily is a sweet little girl. She can light up the room with her bouncy personality and her bright smile. She loves to joke around and play tricks on everyone. She is quite the comedian. Olive loves the nature. She loves to spend her time outside and her favorite season is the fall when all the leaves fall off and she can run around and play in them. She loves to walk the dogs and is probably the only one to volunteer to walk the dogs every day.

    2 dogs: Jack & Luna

    Chelsea & Ethan Monroe
    Sara, Daisy, Hazel, Jamie, Jake, Reed, Lily and Olive

    Line Sofie
    Line Sofie

    Five Friends:
    Friend1: Sylvie Joyce Coltrane (17)
    Friend2: William James Dawson (18)
    Friend3: Isabel Matilda Davis (18)
    Friend4: Georgie Rose Downey (16)
    Friend5: David Elliott Radcliffe (19)

    Line Sofie
    Line Sofie

    LN: Spencer
    MN: Lawrence

    DH: Alec Abraham Spencer
    DW: Laila Evangeline Spencer nee Lawrence

    LN: Hale
    DD1: Robin Leonie Hale nee Spencer
    DH: Jude Matteo Hale
    DD: Claire Antonia Hale
    DD: Esther Anna Hale “Essie”
    DS: Cole Weston Hale

    MN: Potter
    DS1: Felix Atticus Spencer
    DW: Macen Annistyn Spencer nee Potter “Macie”
    DS: Wesley Riley Spencer “Wes”
    DD: Bonnie Alana Spencer
    DS: Alvin Dakota Spencer
    DD: Beatrice Joy Spencer “Bea”
    DS: Kevin Beau Spencer “Kev”
    DS: Davis Conor Spencer

    MN: Holloway
    DS2: Jordan Montana Spencer
    DW: Nadia Hope Spencer nee Holloway
    DS: Milo Solomon Spencer
    DS: Ethan Andrew Spencer

    LN: Atkins
    DD2: Raleigh Maya Atkins nee Spencer “Maya”
    DH: Aaron Chase Atkins
    DD: Zora Roxanna Atkins
    DS: Ryker Axel Atkins

    MN: Bullock
    DS3: Adam Radley Spencer
    DW: Sadie Monique Spencer nee Bullock
    DD: Lucy Cayenne Spencer “Luce”

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