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    1. Arben Thomas Watkins (37)
    —Highway Patrol
    –DGF: Charmer Gwen Nascimento (42)
    —Front Office Supervisor for Resort
    —-DD: Katri Bar Rodriguez (15)
    —-DSD: Ellis Suzanna Gray (14)
    —-DSD: Lewis Brendon Gray (14)
    —-DS: Daryl Izaiah Rodriguez (13)
    —-DS: Soren Xenocrates Watkins (4)
    —-DD: Zaida Neely Watkins (2)
    Arben had two kids, Katri and Daryl and Charmer had twins Ellis and Lewis when they met 10 years ago. They moved in together after 3 years and now also have two kids together. They are doing great and have no interest in getting married.

    2. Fleming Shemar Bellamy (37)
    —Combat Search and Rescue Chief {armed services}
    –DGF: Jennifer Harding Zackary (47)
    —Pathology Laboratory Technologist
    —-DSS: Jared Sebastian Henderson (22)
    —-DD: Ashley Latrice Ramirez (17)
    —-DSS: Jason Karl Zackary (16)
    —-DS: Cooper Yaddle Bellamy (11)
    —-DS: Victor Killian Bellamy (7)
    Fleming had a daughter Ashley and Jennifer had two sons, Jared and Jason, from two previous relationships when they met 14 years ago. They boy fell hard and they moved in within a year and everything was going great when they got pregnant with Cooper. They have two little boys together.

    3. Frederick Jim Hughes (36) “Freddie”
    —Polygraph Examiner
    –DGF: Gabriella Tootsie Beatrix (31)
    —Sports Commentator
    —-DS: Paul Sean Hughes (17)
    —-DSS: Ben Clayton Beatrix-Flores (16)
    —-DSS: Noah August Beatrix-Flores (12)
    —-DD: Emily Ruth Beatrix-Hughes (7)
    —-DD: Loredana Poggle Beatrix-Hughes (4)
    —-DS: Herrick Hayes Beatrix-Hughes (4)
    Freddie had Paul when he met Gabriella. Gabriella also had two boys with her high school boyfriend Esteban Flores. They met 10 years ago and now have a wonderful daughter Emily and gorgeous twins Loredana and Herrick. They have no current plans for wedding bells but haven’t ruled it out.

    4. Kendrick Tyler Isabeau (35) “Ken”
    —Desktop Publisher
    —-DAS: Chase Jinn Isabeau (10)
    Kendrick is single and gay. He has adopted a son Chase by himself. At this point Ken just wants to be a good dad to Chase.

    5. Arben Denver Fabrizia (35) “Ben”
    —Trailer Park Manager
    –DF: Florence Dee Yvez (39)
    —Vault Teller
    —-DSS: Brett Eusebio Yvez-Watts (18)
    —-DSS: Casper Quinton Yvez-Watts (15)
    —-DD: Anatolia Selena Yvez-Fabrizia (9)
    Florence had two sons, Brett and Casper, eleven years ago when she met Ben. They had a casual relationship until they were shocked to find out Florence was pregnant. They have a daughter Anatolia. They’ve been doing very well and last year Ben proposed. The wedding is planned for next Christmas.

    6. Tom Gideon Esther (34)
    —Prepress Technician
    —-DAD: Serah Malin Esther (15)
    —-DAS: Louis Owen Esther (10)
    —-DAD: Tiana Liberty Esther (3)
    —-DS: Lyon Newt Esther (2)
    Tom adopted Serah his then girlfriend Megan’s daughter. Megan found out that she only had a few months to live after a heart defect was found when she gave birth to Serah. He parents has disowned her when she got pregnant in high school and she had no other family, she asked Tom to adopt Serah and raise her as his own since he was the only person she could trust. They had been dating since she was 5 months pregnant and Tom already thought of Serah as his own and accepted whole heartedly. When he felt he was financially stable he adopted Louis so Serah had a brother. Then later adopted Tiana. He was shocked to hear his casual girlfriend found out she was pregnant and was thinking of having an abortion. He begged her to keep the baby and after birth he would take full custody and not ask anything of her. She agreed reluctantly and he took custody of Lyon after he was born. He was thrilled to have a son of his own.

    7. Edison Grace Jenkins (36) “Eddie”
    —Pesticide Sprayer
    –DEXW: Brittania Kristiana {Atefeh} Jenkins (36)
    —Power Plant Mechanic
    —-DSS: Maximus Juan Atefeh (14)
    –DLW: Gloria Britney {Daisy} Jenkins (32)
    —Maintenance Repair Worker
    —-DD: Caroline Melynda Jenkins (6)
    –DGF: Tawnya Brett Dackel (33)
    —Security Officer
    —-DD: Katya Uma Dackel-Jenkins (1)
    Eddie married Brittania when she had a two year old son Maximus. Sadly after 3 years it just didn’t work out. A year later he met Gloria and fell hard. They got married when she got pregnant with Caroline. Sadly two weeks after Caroline was born Gloria hemorrhaged and sadly died. 4 years later he met Tawnya it started off as just fun until again she got pregnant. They now have one year old Katya and are doing great.

    8. Dan Martin Neeson (39)
    —Bank Teller
    –DW: Beatrice Istas {Pocket} Neeson (44)
    —Engineering Geologist
    —-DAS: Damien Samuel Neeson (18)
    —-DD: Samara Eulalia Neeson (15)
    —-DAS: Anthony Charles Neeson (10)
    —-DD: Niamh Princess Neeson (9)
    —-DS: Urbano Ismaren Neeson (7)
    —-DAD: Angela Aak Neeson (5)
    —-DAD: Lillian Sparrow Neeson (5)
    Dan and Beatrice have been together nearly 20 years. They had Samara and then heard about a little boy that was at the orphanage. They went to adopt him and found out he had an older brother. They adopted both. Just a few months later they found out that Beatrice was pregnant again and they welcomed Niamh to the family. 2 years later they had Urbano and decided to adopt again. They adopted twin girls Angela and Lillian from a couple states away.

    9. Emmett Victor Francesca (34)
    —Inventory Taker
    –DGF: Vera Itzcali Zackary (32)
    —-DD: Astrid Deborah Zackary (11)
    —-DD: Eliana Rose Zackary (6)
    Emmett and Vera are a match made in heaven. They have no plans to get married or have more kids. They are just thrilled about their lives right now. Emmett is working on a promotion but other than that they are all set.

    10. John Jones Colonomos (37) “JC”
    —Admissions Clerk
    –DW: Dana Whitney {DeWhit} Colonomos (37)
    —Debt Collector
    —-DS: Indiana Petre Goldstein (19)
    —-DSD: Kimberly Gwyneth DeWhit-Bass (17)
    —-DSD: Clara Lea DeWhit-Bass (14)
    —-DS: Ira Zeff Colonomos (13)
    —-DS: Kevin Sinclair Colonomos (7)
    —-DS: Stewart Lester Colonomos (6)
    —-DD: Rowan Avis Colonomos (4)
    JC had Indiana just after high school. And Dana had Kim and Clara with her college boyfriend. Just after her and Tuan broke up she sought comfort in her best friend JC. Before they knew she was pregnant with Ira. They now have three beautiful little boys and a little princess together and Rowan is every bit the little princess.

    11. Merry Roper Irwin (34)
    —Communication Signals Intelligence {armed services}
    –DGF: Sosie Emily Yazine (37)
    —Nursing Assistant
    —-DD: Elenora Jade Yazine-Irwin (16)
    —-DD: Rebekah Zola Yazine-Irwin (16)
    —-DD: James Wystan Yazine-Irwin (13) “Jaime”
    —-DS: Grayson Jett Yazine-Irwin (10)
    —-DS: Jasper Joel Yazine-Irwin (10)
    —-DS: Stein Lobot Yazine-Irwin (9)
    —-DAS: Frederick Jack Yazine-Irwin (4)
    Sosie and Merry met his freshman year in college and she was pregnant with twins within a month. Thankfully it seemed meant to be. They have one of the tightest relationships ever after 16 years, 6 biological kids and one adopted son later.

    12. John Rafael Daisy (38)
    —Advertising Coordinator
    –DLW: Fineen Aethelmaer {Jeep} Daisy (43)
    —Train Caller
    —-DAS: Anatole Van Daisy (12)
    —-DAD: Isabella Fett Daisy (7)
    –DGF: Katniss Grace Ethan (38)
    —Employment Programs Office Manager
    —-DSD: Dylan Leda Manning (22)
    —-DSS: Edwardo Choi Ethan (19)
    —-DSS: Aldo Dexter Ethan (18)
    —-DSS: Savoy Truman Ethan (16)
    —-DAD: Versie Catrin Ethan-Daisy (10 months)
    John and his first wife Fineen adopted Anatole and Isabella when they found out that John was sterile. Katniss had Dylan in high school and then had the three boys with another boyfriend. They’ve been together almost 3 years now. They met a year after Fineen died in a drive by shooting at a friends house. Katniss and John have adopted a little girl who is now almost one.

    13. Blaze Tobit Harkey (38)
    —Direct Support Staff
    –DLW: Reese Katniss {Nathaniel} Harkey (38)
    —Elementary School Activity Coordinator
    —-DAS: Paris Dashiell Nathaniel (19) –Reese’s nephew–
    —-DAD: Kenya Brenda Nathaniel (17) –Reese’s niece–
    —-DD: Julia Adriane Harkey (17)
    —-DD: Genevieve Kay Harkey (17)
    –DW: Gabrielle Kingsley {Tractor} Harkey (39)
    —-DD: Piper Nicole Harkey (10)
    —-DD: Isabel Daegan Harkey (9)
    —-DAS: Tofi Quinton Harkey (6)
    —-DS: Gabriel Sasha Harkey (3) “Gabe”
    Blaze had twin girls with his high school girlfriend Reese. They also got custody of Reese’s niece and nephew Paris and Kenya. 14 years ago Reese found out she had brain cancer. It was too late to stop and she succumb 6 months later. Blaze met Gabrielle 2 years later. They had two little girls right after the wedding. Then they thought they were done and adopted a little boy. They were shocked to find out that Gabrielle was pregnant with Gabriel.

    14. Jude Tyler Jameson (37)
    —Claims Examiner
    –DW: Mara Frances {Garbo} Jameson (36)
    —Shift Supervisor
    —-DD: Philipa Zesta Poore (19)
    —-DSS: Cal Grayson Garbo (19)
    —-DSD: Dreda Tiara Garbo (12)
    —-DD: Rose Vivienne Jameson (11)
    —-DS: Isaiah Jason Jameson (7)
    —-DD: Kakalina Calista Jameson (6)
    —-DD: Eloise Urma Jameson (1)
    —-DD: Avril Zelena Jameson (newborn)
    When Jude and Mara met he had a daughter Philipa and she was pregnant with her second child Dreda and had a son Cal that was Philipa’s age. They fell hard and had moved in together before Dreda was born. They have since had 5 more kids including Avril who was born earlier this month.

    15. Dariel Josh Bukvic (35)
    —Violin Repairer
    –DF: Lora Luna Winslet (31)
    —-DD: Jazmine Kate Bukvic (10)
    —-DD: Brianda Dana Bukvic (9)
    —-DS: Tristan Lott Bukvic (6)
    —-DS: Michael Levi Bukvic (6)
    —-DS: Malachi Hans Bukvic (2)
    —-DAS: Oma Finnian Bukvic (2)
    —-DAS: Cooper Renaldo Bukvic (2)
    Dariel and Lora have 5 kids together and adopted two year old twins that Lora was taking care of when both parents died in a plane accident and they didn’t have any other family.

    16. Chord Dallas Hardy-Jeep (35)
    —Wood Tile Installation Specialist
    –DEXH: Arthur Reese Caan-Jeep (35)
    —Metallurgical Engineer
    —-DD: Stacy Kay Jeep (18)
    —-DAS: Ulysses Duncan Caan-Jeep (14)
    –DH: Shannon Mateo Hardy-Jeep (39)
    —-DD: Katarzyna Clara Hardy-Jeep (12)
    —-DD: Brazil Ruth Hardy-Jeep (10)
    —-DD: Ronja Suzanna Hardy-Jeep (9)
    —-DS: Sache York Hardy-Jeep (7)
    Chord had Stacy in high school. He later came out to friends and family and started a relationship with Arthur. They adopted Ulysses together and soon after their relationship took a turn for the worse. After they broke up Chord then met Shannon and they used two different surrogates to have Katarzyna, Brazil, Ronja and Sache.

    17. Tank Wayne Boone (34)
    –DW: Widad Leona Mira (37)
    —Cable Splicer
    —-DD: Willow Drea Murphy (17)
    —-DS: Enzo McDormand Murphy (16)
    —-DS: Isaiah Erickson Boone (9)
    Tank had Willow and Enzo with his high school girlfriend Rosemary Murphy. They broke up not long after Enzo was born. He met Widad 15 years ago and were married two years later. They also had a son Isaiah.

    18. Arben Roger Lexus (38) “Arby”
    —Water Taxi Operator
    —-DS: Quinn Ephraim Lexus (12)
    —-DS: Richard Jarrett Lexus (8)
    —-DD: Isabella Frankie Lexus (2)
    —-DD: Zelda Blake Lexus (2)
    Arby and his ex had 4 kids before she decided it was too much for her and she never really wanted a family and left. She signed over all custody to Arby and thankfully his parents and hers are a huge help.

    19. Hugh Edward Jones (38)
    —Snowmobile Mechanic
    –DLW: Gemma Nena {Ziggy} Jones (40)
    —-DD: Mildred Pearl Jones (17) “Millie”
    –DW: Precious Widad {Vanna} Jones (35)
    —Delivery Driver
    Hugh met Gemma through friends they really hit it off and they were married 2 years later. They got pregnant almost immediately. They had Millie who is named after both of their Grandmothers. 5 years later Gemma was killed by one of her patients that went on a rampage.

    20. Jon Owen Collins (36)
    —Store Clerk
    –DW: Natalie Carolina {Escape} Collins (40)
    —Bowling Alley Attendant
    —-DD: Shelley Katrina Collins (14)
    —-DSS: Martin Buster Chaney (12)
    —-DSS: Leandro Jasper Chaney (11)
    —-DAS: Charles David Collins (11)
    —-DAD: Inga Kisa Collins (7)
    —-DS: James Keyser Collins (5)
    —-DAS: Elio Edwardo Collins (4)
    —-DAD: Andrea Suzette Collins (4)
    Jon had Shelley and Natalie had Martin and Leandro when they met. Since then they’ve had one little boy James and adopted two sets of siblings, Charles and Inga, and Elio and Andrea.

    21. Tavon Mankins Liberto (35)
    —YMCA Membership Coordinator
    –DW: Jennifer Georgianna {Okung} Liberto (35)
    —Computer Technician
    —-DS: Vincent Urlo Liberto (14)
    —-DS: Strider Dell Liberto (12)
    —-DAS: Hayes Noel Liberto (9)
    —-DAD: Bertha Leah Liberto (5)
    —-DS: Slayer Carl Liberto (3)
    —-DS: Simon Remy Liberto (3)
    —-DD: Buffy Rene Liberto (6 months)
    —-DAS: Charles Milo Liberto (2 months)
    Tavon and Jennifer are high school sweethearts. They were married a year after graduation and have had 5 kids and adopted 3.

    22. Bat Ozzie James (37)
    —Residential Director
    –DW: Stanislava Arnette {Ramsey} James (35)
    —Jingle Writer
    —-DSS: Royce Weston Ramsey-Bradshaw (16)
    —-DSS: Oscar Chris Ramsey-Bradshaw (13)
    —-DSS: Julian Bly Ramsey-Bradshaw (12)
    —-DSD: Madalyn Grisel Ramsey-Bradshaw (11)
    Bat met Stanislava 5 years and they fell in love immediately. She had just gotten a divorce from her abusive husband and had 4 children. Within 6 months they were all living with Bat. They were married 6 months ago and haven’t yet decided if they want any kids together.


    Gillian Leigh

    Say: Awesome
    Think: Gillian makes me think of Gilligan and Leigh should be spelled Lee and is a boy’s name imo.

    Cora Nicole


    Boy. I have too many options for girls. I know my boy name.

    Would you rather eat at an upscale restaurant once a month or get fast food once a week?


    False. Not since this morning.

    The person below me has family in town.




    With the beginning of that story I thought it was going in a TOTALLY different direction. lol.

    Just get new eggs to dye.


    I love Lucy

    Serious News Programming or Satire (colbert, jon stewart)?


    (if I was at home full time go out) but right now anytime I can spend with the babies I cherish.

    Would you rather work on a cruise ship or an airplane?




    pop. I know its horrible for me but I go through horrible withdrawls.

    Work outside in 120 degree heat or in -30 cold?


    Sooo False.

    The person below me is procrastinating.


    The Tale of Peter Rabbit

    LN: Tucker

    DH: Henri Esteban
    DW: Trudy Alyssa

    DD/DS: Lianne Ellie/Owen Franklin
    DS: Parker Eoin
    DS: Tyler Eric
    DD: Ruby Rachel
    DD: Aurora Bailey
    DS: Brady Ivan

    DDog: Todd

    Next: The Wheels on the Bus



    He likes Tammy and she like Sheryl. They have… (not sammy)


    Scarlett and Natalia


    Sarah to Rahella


    Aaron and Joseph
    Jason and Johnathan


    false. Blue and Yellow

    The person below me is wearing matching bra and underwear.



    Would you rather go dancing or do karaoke?


    Neither. Duck Dynasty.

    Small or Big Dogs?



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