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    Anabel, thank you for answering my question regarding family “trends”. I now have a separate question for you, somewhat based off that question. My husband and I have had a name for our future son picked out for about three years now, Everett Mitchell. Everett is the name of his uncle who passed away. Mitchell is my father’s name. My brother and his wife welcomed my nephew, Brooks Mitchell, three weeks ago. My question is, would it be inappropriate to keep Mitchell as the middle name for our future son, thus giving the cousins the same middle name? Should we choose something else?



    My question is this: If your family has a “trend” going with the names of their children, would it be inappropriate for me to diverge from this trend? My nephews are Dawson, Keegan, Tagen, and Owen, and my niece is Madysen. I’m not sure if this ending in “n” was on purpose, but it is established. So when I have my own children should I keep the trend going? Are trends with cousins as strong as with siblings?


    Alicia, Allison, Amanda, Amber, Amy, Andrea, Angela, Anna, April, Ashley, Brandy, Brooke, Candice, Carrie, Christina, Christine, Christy, Courtney, Crystal, Dana, Danielle, Dawn, Denise, Elizabeth, Emily, Erica, Erin, Gina, Heather, Heidi, Holly, Jacqueline, Jamie, Jennifer, Jessica, Jillian, Julia, Julie, Karen, Katherine, Kathleen, Katie, Katrina, Kelly, Kimberly, Kristin, Laura, Lauren, Leah, Lindsay, Lisa, Lori, Maria, Mary, Megan, Melanie, Melinda, Melissa, Michelle, Misty, Monica, Monique, Natalie, Natasha, Nicole, Pamela, Patricia, Rachel, Rebecca, Samantha, Sandra, Sarah, Shannon, Stacy, Stephanie, Tammy, Tanya, Tara, Theresa, Tiffany, Tina, Tonya, Tracy, Valerie, Vanessa, Veronica

    Eliminate Wendy

    Aaron, Adam, Alexander, Andrew, Anthony, Brandon, Benjamin, Billy, Bradley, Brent, Brett, Brian, Carlos, Casey, Chad, Charles, Christopher, Corey, Craig, Curtis, Daniel, David, Dennis, Derek, Donald, Douglas, Dustin, Edward, Eric, Frank, Gabriel, Gary, George, Gregory, Jacob, James, Jared, Jason, Jeffrey, Jeremiah, Jeremy, Jerry, Jesse, Joel, John, Jonathan, Jose, Joseph, Joshua, Justin, Keith, Kenneth, Kevin, Kyle, Lucas, Luis, Marcus, Mark, Matthew, Michael, Nathan, Nathaniel, Nicholas, Patrick, Paul, Peter, Phillip, Randy, Richard, Robert, Ronald, Russell, Ryan, Samuel, Scott, Seth, Shane, Shawn, Steven, Timothy, Thomas, Todd, Travis, Wesley, William, Zachary

    Eliminated Antonio


    DH: Jackson Avedis Stark
    DW: Kennedy Jane Elliott-Stark

    DD: Kalynn Grace Stark (26)

    DS: Nicholas Emanuel Stark (24)
    —DW: Sadie Clare Riley-Stark
    —-ds/dd: Ezekiel Alexander Stark/Eve Amalia Stark (1)
    —-dd: Arya Grace Stark (nb)

    ADD: Sawyer Rose Stark (23)
    —gf: Ireland Makena Terrell (21)

    DS: Garrison Mitchell Stark (22)
    —gf: Justice Alixandra Valora (20)
    —-dd/ds : Alexa Isabella Valora/Ian Matthew Valora (2)

    DD: Genesis Tatiana Stark (21)
    —fb: Keanu Michael Alexander (22)
    —-ds: Davonte Kai Alexander (3)
    —-dd: Kennedy Santana Stark-Alexander (1)

    DS: Emerson Sean Stark (21)
    —gf: Ilaria Eirian Dixon (21)
    —-ds: Mitchell Zackary Dixon-Stark (2)

    DD: Alexandra Elizabeth Stark (21)
    —bf: Owen Lux Montgomery (24)

    DD: Aisling Eve Stark-Riley (20)
    —DH: Jayden Thomas Riley (22)

    DD: Nina Arabella Stark-Gracen (19)
    —DH: Orion Asher Gracen (19)
    —-ds: Jakori Skye Gracen (2)
    —-ds/ds: Javan Michael Gracen/Oliver Henry Gracen (1)

    ADS: Jarrett Chaniel Stark (19)
    —gf: Accalia Joy Lincoln (18)
    —-ds: Israel Dane Lincoln (5)
    —-ds: Cullen Blake Lincoln-Stark (4)
    —-dd: Azerria Sage Lincoln-Stark (3)
    —-dd: Eden Bretonika Lincoln-Stark (1)


    DH: Jackson Avedis Stark

    DW: Kennedy Jane (mn: Elliott)

    DD: Kalynn Grace (21)

    DS: Nicholas Emanuel (19)

    ADD: Sawyer Rose (18)

    DS: Garrison Mitchell (17)

    DD/DS/DD: Genesis Tatiana/Emerson Sean/Alexandra Elizabeth (16)

    DD: Aisling Eve (15)

    DD: Nina Arabella (14)

    ADS: Jarrett Chaniel (14)


    Easton & Weston

    Liam & Leo or Aurora & Ayla


    Date: December 28th, 2013
    Gender: Male
    Name(s): Liam Everrett, Leo Mitchell, Atticus Gray
    Child Number: 1, 2, and 3 (Triplets!)
    Other children: None


    We are doing the onsie thing :)

    I was just wondering if there was something neat to replace the cards and bags like the book idea..We could also do the book idea, but I wasn’t sure if there was a “necessity” or something somewhat inexpensive that could replace the card/bag….

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