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    My MN is Marie (very filler, and chosen for filler reasons!), but it’s also the middle name of two of my great aunts. My brother is a III, so he shares my dad’s MN; my little sisters have the MNs Eileen and Ruth–one because it sort of resembles my grandma’s FN (Arlene) and the other because it is my nana’s FN (Ruth).

    I want tons of significance for my kids (both family and just stuff I really appreciate/love), so I have one family name in each combo, and generally another MN that has something meaningful to me:

    Isabelle Aurora Grace (Grace is a family name; Aurora meaning “dawn” to represent the idea of new beginnings)
    Arianne Eleanor Kate/Arianne Eleanor Daisy (Eleanor for Elinor Dashwood, and Kate/Daisy both for my mom)
    Olivia Wren Camille (Wren for my mom and grandma; Camille for Camille Saint-Saens, since I’m a huge piano/classical music geek)
    Violet Ophelia Claire (Ophelia for Shakespeare; Claire for my dad and brother–Claire means the same thing as their middle, Robert)
    Catherine Lydia Eve (Lydia for Jane Austen, and the first European Christian believer, and Catherine for my mom and great-grandma. I just love Eve as a middle)
    Lillian Charlotte Eve (just love Eve; Lillian for my nana; Charlotte for Charlotte Bronte; the nn Lily for my mom)
    Emmeline Poppy ____ (Poppy for my dad, mom, brother, and grandpa; I also love the symbolism with military veterans. Don’t have a second middle yet)
    Tess Penelope Kate (Penelope from The Odyssey; Kate for my mom)
    Eva Madelief Claire (Claire for my dad/brother; Madelief for my interest in Europe and the tie to my mom)

    Caleb Elias Joseph (Joseph honors my sister in aroundabout way; Elias for Elijah, one of my favorite Bible characters)
    Everett Joshua Charles (Charles for my mom; Joshua for Jesus)
    Jack August Cole (Jack for my dad and brother; August for a TV character I love. I generally don’t honor movie/TV characters–unless it’s already a classic novel–but I count Auggie Anderson of Covert Affairs to be an exception)
    Samuel Gaspard John (Gaspard for my best friend and little sister; John for my dad and brother)
    Eleanor Lila Grace (just love Lila; Eleanor for Elinor Dashwood; Grace for my grandma)
    Eleni Charlotte Jane (Jane for my dad and brother; Charlotte for Charlotte Bronte; just love Eleni, and it also honors my little sister)

    etc., etc. :)


    Oh my goodness, so many!

    Georgia (although I prefer Georgiana)
    Natalia/Talia (although I like Natalie/Tally much more)

    And about a million I can’t think of right now…


    @lcd1912 – I’ve always heard Selah as SAY-lah. I think Sela is SEE-lah. Either way, Anabelle Selah is pretty cool (although I prefer the more streamlined and classic Annabel Sarah, which looks similar to me), and Benjamin and Anabelle are pretty cool together.

    Aristotle, erm, well, it doesn’t seem that unusual to me. People are talking about naming their kids Persephone, Cicero, Seneca, Aries, Apollo, etc.–is Aristotle too far off? Besides, I think the Hebrew Ari is starting to come in for boys, so it even gives a nn option. I wouldn’t suggest it, but I’m not terribly surprised.

    I’ve been on holiday at the beach for the past week, and I’ve heard quite a few names! A lot of them were quite boring (Logan, Lucas, Ava, etc.), but these I thought were semi-interesting:

    Miles (he had a sister, or a cousin, or something, named Lily, or at least, nn’d Lily)
    McKenna, Maddie, and Myla (sisters. Not sure about spellings. I assume Maddie was short for something, but that’s all I heard her parents call her. I went with the Myla spelling since Mila is so often pronounced like Mila Kunis now, but it could have been Mila? Their dad was Noah, which I thought was pretty cool, too. I’m always happy to hear Noah on a guy around my age!)
    Abigail, Andrew, Charlotte, Benjamin, and Natalie (cousins at the least, but potentially siblings. I thought they fit REALLY well together, though! Charlotte is my favorite, but I also really love Andrew, and, well, honestly, all of them!)
    Connor and Carson
    Gavin and Brady
    Cecilia “Ceci”
    Skylar Grace
    Ben and McKenna (also heard Kinna Rae/Kenna Rae, so I’m wondering if she was McKenna Rae, nn Kenna Rae? I’m assuming Ben is short for Benjamin…)
    Bryce, Avery (g), and Kenley (g)

    And that’s about the extent of my memory, haha. I tried to keep more names locked away in there, but only so many fit, over a week. :)


    Thanks, ladies! I have actually eliminated most of these–some of which will be used for his friends/teammates–but when I posted this I hadn’t narrowed it down any yet. I think I’m pretty much between Benedikt and Tobias at this point (with Benjamin as a last minute substitution). I think Thomas will end up being his best friend, and Kaspar and Matthias (pronounced mah-TEE-uhs in German) as other teammembers (probably Peter and Philipp, too). And Samuel will probably be my footballer’s love interest’s brother.

    I am just a little torn, because I had gotten to about a top 4 (Benedikt, Tobias, Thomas, and Samuel) and together, they just all seemed like him, but I never really separated them and looked at them as individual names, so I think it’s sort of like the whole “I like the combo, but I don’t really like the names individually” thing (does that make any sense?). I let Thomas go because of Thomas Muller, and I let go of Samuel because it seemed to suit him the least well of the remaining three, but then when I tried to see him as a Benedikt or as a Tobias, Benedikt almost seemed too harsh for his kind nature, and Tobias almost seemed to haughty. I don’t know. Maybe I just need to give it another rest. Anyway. Thanks for all your opinions, though. I can’t seem to do a whirlwind story brainstorming session anymore, I don’t think. My OCD just goes on overload way too fast.

    @rylane – thanks for that suggestion! Erik, really? I’ve never really liked Eric in any form, really, but I can’t really see him as an Erik at all. If Benedikt or Tobias don’t end up working out, though, I may come back round to it. :)


    Oliver and Owen are brilliant! I probably won’t see her for three weeks (hurray, vacation!), but maybe I’ll just suggest them when I do. I think Adalia and Owen are just fab together.

    I’ve been terrified she’d love Mila. We have another coworker with a Mila, and I was afraid she’d jump on that bandwagon, too. I just don’t get Mila, ugh. I think Susanna would be brilliant with Adalia, too, but I’m not sure she’d really be into it.


    I’m thinking Samuel Ezra, if I were sort of trying to follow your criteria of more Biblical middles (although I’d probably go with my own Samuel combo, Samuel Gaspard!). Possibly Calvin Isaac instead. William and Calvin? Adorable!


    Erm, for girls:

    1. Isabelle Aurora Grace “Bella/Issy”
    2. Arianne Eleanor Daisy “Ari”
    3. Olivia Wren Camille “Liv(y)/Olive”
    4. Violet Ophelia Claire
    5. Emmeline Poppy Jane, Eleni Charlotte Jane, Catherine Emilia Eve, Charlotte Odilia Jane, OR Lillian Charlotte Eve “Emmy/Leni/Kit/Lottie/Lily” (I’m so indecisive!)

    For boys, I’m even less decisive! haha.

    1. Caleb Elias Joseph “Cal”
    2. Everett Joshua Charles “Ev”
    3. Samuel Gaspard John OR Samuel Andreas [Grey] “Sam(my)”
    4. Jack August [Cole]
    5. Avery Ian George

    Although, in all likelihood, I would never have two sons named Everett AND Avery. They’re both huge, huge, huge favorites, but I feel like they’re too close to use together. Avery has much more significance, but I like Everett more on most days. Maybe I’m just making it up, though? That Everett and Avery are too similar?

    I’d really like to fit Andreas (and maybe Zane!) in there somewhere, but right now, I don’t know where I’d put them. I’m pretty set on Samuel Gaspard, but I have been tossing around Samuel Andreas lately, too. I do really love Andreas!


    Today I heard:

    Mathilde (I got all nostalgic with this one–my best friend’s mom was named Mathilde. I like it much more than Matilda!)

    And that’s it for the exciting ones. That I remember, anyway. I’ve been hearing Agatha quite a lot on girls my age, too, though, which rather intrigues me. Was it a lot more popular in the 80s than I thought it was?


    Octavia reminds me of The Help, for some reason. Was one of the characters an Octavia? I like it, though.

    Aurelia, I LOVE, though. If Arianne wasn’t my second pick for a girl, either Ariella, Aurelia/Aurelie, or Aurora would probably be on my list instead. (I’m a huge fan of Ari as a nn!) Aurelia’s so regal and gorgeous.


    Today at work I heard:

    Dav!er (pronounced DAH-vee-ay. Oh my goodness, the most pretentious thing I’ve ever seen. I was trying to decide if it was DAVE-yer, DAH-vee-ay, or a typo of Xavier, and it’s really DAH-vee-ay. In her defense–yeah, it was a girl–that’s how it’d be said in French, but no Frenchman would name his daughter Davier. :/)


    I love it! One of my former coworkers has a little boy named Dominic (little brother is Connor), and he goes by Dom (which I adore!). I think Dominic’s so rich and timeless, and I love the idea of meeting another little Dominic! Nick and Nico are cute nns, too. I never seem to be able to commit to Dominic as a fn (although I think Dom(inic) sounds amazing with my surname!), but I’ve been thinking about using Grant Dominic or Brody Dominic lately…


    I think Reese is a great idea! I hadn’t thought of that, but it seems pretty equally used on each gender. Avery was my first idea. It’s fully masculine to me, but to some people it’s fully feminine, so I think that could work, too. Ari, too, maybe?


    I feel like adding, haha, because I feel like I ended that on a really harsh note. I mean, I wouldn’t judge someone if they used it. It has a pretty sound and look to it, and I can see why it appeals to parents. I don’t mind it as a middle name. Something like Ariana Jolie or Evelina Jolie or Charlotte Jolie would be pretty… I just can’t take it seriously, myself, and if a future husband of mine suggested it for a daughter, I’m pretty sure I’d laugh to his face. Then again, I want to be fluent in French/bilingual, and I think I know more about French than the average American does. I wouldn’t mind seeing it on someone else’s child–I just wouldn’t go near it for mine. It does have a pretty sound/look, though.


    I think it has a nice meaning and a pretty (no pun intended!) look to it, but the French have made me into a name snob. There are very few French words that I like as actual names, too. I find it pretty sounding, but I can’t take it seriously as a name. It’s a word. It’s like if you named your daughter Ariana Pretty. Like, really? Why would you do that? It’s just as bad as Princess, imo, sorry.

    I do like Joliet, however, which sort of seems to be a happy medium between Jolie and Juliet (although I feel like it never gets any recognition because Juliet and Jolie are both much more popular.


    Girls and Boys:

    Arianne and Avery
    Bethany and Brody
    Charlotte and Caleb
    Daphne and Daniel
    Emmeline and Everett
    Felicity and Finnian/Finley
    Grace and Grant
    Helena and Hugo
    Isabelle and Isaac
    Julia and Jack
    Kaia and Killian
    Lillian and Linus
    Madelief and Micah
    Nadia and Noah
    Olivia and Owen
    Poppy and Patrick
    Quinn and Quincy
    Rachel and Rory
    Sybilla and Samuel
    Tess and Tiernan
    Unity and Ulysses
    Violet and Vaughn
    Winter and Winston
    Xanthe and Xavier
    Yasmina and Yates
    Zoe and Zane

    Today, anyway. :)


    I LOVE just Tess, but I’m not as much of a fan of Tessa. People have brought up the idea of Elisabeth nn Tess (if Bess, why not Tess?), which I’m not opposed to, but it almost seems to contrived (same with Elisabeth nn Tilly!).

    I do really love Tess, though. I have Tess Penelope Kate on my own list.


    I like Gemma a lot! It reminds me of sparkling gems. :) It’s so chic and Italian! What’s not to like? I think Gemmy’s an adorable nn, too. :) Also Gem and Emmy, but I think Gemmy’s really quirky and cute.


    I don’t know, haha–middle names are generally, for me, either second-rate favorites (like Aurora, Ophelia, Penelope, Lydia), or names that have tons of significance (Poppy, Eleanor, Giovanna, Aurora), so I really couldn’t say. There’s no one type of name I’d be like, “Ohh, I wish people would use that as a middle name more!” haha. It’s usually the other way around–”Oh, I wish people would use that name up front more!”

    I do love seeing Noah as a MN for a boy, though, and I think the world could handle having many more ____ Noahs, rather than Noah _____s. :)

    I can’t say Isabel(le), because while I LOVE seeing it, and I would love people using it as a middle rather than a first, it seems a crime to stuff it away like that. Olivia… I like seeing it as a middle, sometimes, but it always feels pretty drab as a middle to me. It has to be a very special combo for me to like Olivia in the middle (I can think of three where I really liked Olivia as the middle name: Zara Olivia, Emmeline Olivia, and Hazel Olivia). Sofia! Sofia, maybe? I feel like I’m so over it as a FN, but I do like it as a name, and it has significance to me. I’ve always liked Sofia as a middle (and I still love Annabel Sofia as a combo!). AND EMMA! Omgoodness, I just thought of this, but I LOVE Emma as a middle name. haha. I suppose it doesn’t work in your case, though, Kendra. :) I much prefer Madeleine as a mn to a fn, too.

    For boys… I sort of like Jack as a middle, but I prefer it up front. I LOVE Henry as a middle. It’s not top ten or anything, but it is getting pretty popular, and I love seeing Henry in the MN spot. I don’t like the way Liam flows as a middle, really? I LOVE Joshua and Daniel in the mn spot, too. And Alexander?

    Good luck!


    Today at work I heard:

    Abby and Ben (omgoodness, so adorable! I’m assuming they were short for Abigail and Benjamin? Nice names, but a bit boring thanks to the popularity, for me. :( I still am happy to see them, though!)

    And the non-kids (with the much more interesting names, haha!):

    Francesca Marie Claire (saw her full name on her driver’s license–I thought it was really gorgeous! She says it fran-SESS-kah not fran-CHESS-kah, though)
    Etrula (it sort of seems like a combination of Estella/Estrella and Ruth? I am not sure how I feel about it, but I do like the nn True!)


    I didn’t hear Juliette today, but I did hear it recently so I figured I’d share. :) Beau is my favorite of these, but I like Annemarie, too.


    I’m in total agreement with @Myosotis‘s first paragraph! Isabelle is just TOO special for me to even consider sharing with anyone else. It honors my favorite language (French), alludes to my one of my loves–languages–with the nn Belle/Bella, honors my two favorite people outside my family (including my best friend who passed away in 2011), honors my faith, and honestly, if one name could sum up my style in just one name, it would definitely be Isabelle! I’ve loved her for so long and so deeply that I can’t imagine ever sharing Isabelle with anyone in close proximity to me. It just means too much. I started out insisting on having a name with significance, because I don’t think it’s possible for my name to have LESS thought or significance put into it, but now I think it just means too much to me. :/ So if someone else had a little Isabel/Isabelle/Isobel/Isabella around me, I’m pretty sure Isabelle would go, much as I would hate to see her leave. I don’t even think I could bring myself to use it as a MN. And I’m sure it reflects negatively on me, but I don’t even know if I could have the same level of friendship with the person who used Isabelle/etc., just because I would always be thinking, “That could have been my Isabelle. That could have been my baby girl [insert things I dream my children doing. Fingerpainting masterpieces, talking to me in French, letting me read them bed-time stories, helping people on weekends, learning instruments, being tickled, their laughter filling my whole house...].” I’d just be so utterly heartsick I feel like I would become ACTUALLY sick.

    So much for not falling too hard for Isabelle. :/ Then again, all of my sisters and I both really, really love Olivia, and we’ve already talked about how we love Olivia together, so we’ve talked about all using Olivia and giving them different nns (mine would be Livy; Becca’s would be Luvy (which is sort of cute, I think), and I don’t remember what Tallie’s would have been…). Some names I just really love and feel really possessive about, though. I don’t think I can ever bring myself to use Noah or Eliza, some partly because of popularity, but a frenemy of mine in high school used Noah and I just can’t look at Noah as a name the same way. :(

    Luckily for me, none of my siblings really like Isabelle at all, and I don’t know a ton of people having kids right now (they’ve all completed their families or aren’t ready for it yet). And I’m hoping by the time everyone else is ready for it, they’ll have moved onto the next fad, and Isabelle will just be seen as rather classic again. :)

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