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  • Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner


    Hi Anabel! I’ll put to you a question that I’ve posted on here and on Facebook…

    Two of the only names we have agreed upon also happen to be characters in my favourite book, ‘Dracula’ (the names being Arthur and Mina). Would this be an issue for you?

    And another question (lol)…

    We both love the name Max. I would much prefer it as a nickname and have loved the name Maximilian for years. He, however, only seems to like it on its own. Can it work on its own do you think? What other names could Max have as a full name that aren’t too common but aren’t too ‘weird’/unknown either?

    Thanks, and sorry for the amount of questions here!!

    First, you can never ask too many questions. Ask away!

    To answer your first question, no. That wouldn’t be an issue for me. Perhaps it would seem very slightly odd if you were to have TWINS and name them as such. Then I may revisit, but singletons with these names…nah. Wouldn’t bother me at all.

    Secondly, I find it slightly odd that one could like the name Max, but not like Maximilian. This might be an area where your partner needs to consider compromise.I do, however, believe that Max is a short form name that can stand on it’s own and wouldn’t think it odd if a boy were to be named just Max, and not any longer form.

    Names that could yield the nn Max:

    Maxim or Maxime

    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner

    I like Maia and Vivian and Alice, good suggestions! but still not as much as Claire, Elaina, or Annabelle :)

    Which of the three would you choose? I want a name that’s classic/romantic/feminine, but not overly-common.

    I really, really like Elaine (without the ‘a’), simply because it is all the things you describe, but rarely found today…although names like it are popular/more common. I actually think Elaina is more the norm these days than Elaine.

    I think that Claire goes best with Ian and Nora.

    I think that Annabelle is your most versatile choice. And I know, because I am one! I love having the option of being Anne, Anna, Annie, Bel…and I have been referred to as all of those!

    I would choose either Elaine or Annabelle, if it were me. :-)

    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner

    YAY @JoNay! :-)

    Thanks for replying. I only just found out we r actually expecting a girl even tho the radiologist says I should come back in another two weeks for a follow up scan. He says he sees a female so I’m holding onto that! Lol…
    So I need a girl name…
    I’m gonna put u on the spot on this one…
    If u were in my shoes what name would u give of all the names afore mentioned? And what else would u suggest?
    Thank u…#im laughing here…

    Congrats on your first girl!

    Of all that you mentioned previously, I would choose Eliora, and here is why. It is probably the least common of all of them, and it has the most versatility. No matter WHO your daughter turns out to be, she can find a name within this one to suit and identify with. There is Elle, Ellie, Lia, Lori, Lore, Liora, Ori, Ora, Li/Lee, Lea, Ella…gosh, I can find more and more. I think one of the ultimate gifts you can give to a child is a name that can become anything they want as they grow. So, without a doubt, that is the one I would choose. And its lovely, to boot!

    Other names I would suggest to go with your boys’names:


    Do you like any of these? Your feedback can help me make better suggestions to you! Good luck!

    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner

    Hey there @elotus!

    Hi Anabel! I wrote to you a couple months back about some name ideas, and it turns out we’re having a girl! So we already have Ian and Nora; now what are some names that compliment these two nicely? My top three right now are “Annabelle,” “Elaine/Elaina,” and “Claire.” But I want some ideas. I went through an entire list of girl names from A to Z and couldn’t find but 5 or 6 that I liked enough to write down — this is a tough decision for us!

    Ian, Nora and Claire
    Ian, Nora and Elaine
    Ian, Nora and Annabelle

    Of these combos, I think that the first two are the most compatible, although you really couldn’t go wrong with any of them. Naming children is hard, and…when you already have chose 2 names that you love for your other babies, it gets more and more daunting with each new arrival. That seems to always be the case!

    The only thing that I can try to do, is perhaps suggest some names that you just haven’t thought of before—which is difficult because Ian and Nora are both classic, and that is where your tastes obviously lie. Finding a Classic name that you haven’t thought of before is highly unlikely. But I am up for the challenge! Just keep reminding yourself that the names you have currently on your list are very nice and you’ve done well…even if you never do come up with any others. :-)

    Anya or Anja

    Do any of these appeal? What do you think of them? It might help me make better suggestions to hear your thoughts!

    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner

    Dear Annabel,
    I have two boys Josiah and Nathan and in Dec we r expecting a third child. We don’t know what the sex of the baby is yet but we r praying fervently for a girl…go figure huh? Anyways wev been checking out girl names but we can’t seem to make up our minds on what we really want or what would be suitable for our lil Princess and at d same time match our boys’ names. Cos I like their meanings these r d names wev come up with so far… Olivia,Eliora,Elianna,Zoila,Fiona and Nicole. What would u advice?

    Oh and yeah…just in case I have a boy, what would u suggest? I have practically no idea…

    Hey there @JoNay!

    Glad to help! first of all, CONGRATULATIONS!

    Secondly, any of these lovely names would complement your boys’ names beautifully. Of all of them, the name Zoila probably the least so– only because your boys names are much more across-the-boards traditional, where Zoila’s use is fairly predominant among Those of Hispanic and Greek descent primarily. Nicole is commonly found in the middle name position, because frankly, it sounds great with everything…so keep that in mind. I also like to see it out front, simply because it isn’t as common there as it has been in the past. Olivia, Eliora and Elianna are all fairly trendy at the moment, but all are very solid names with plenty of nickname potential. Fiona has less nickname potential, but is still complimentary to your sons’ names.

    As far as boys, you have a wide open playing field! Here are some that came to my mind when considering your sons names as well as your girls picks to try to match your style.


    Do you like any of these? I hope I’ve helped. I welcome any follow up information or questions that you might have, don’t hesitate to ask!

    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner

    Hey Anabel :)

    I’ve been wondering about this for ages, and I can’t find an answer anywhere. Where does the nickname “Boy” come from? I first started wondering about it when reading about Boy Capel (Arthur Edward Capel). It doesn’t seem like it has any connection to any particular name, but especially in the past, men would often go by the name “Boy”. I hope you’ll be able to help me out :)

    Hi @MiVS!

    Holy smokes…do I love this question!

    First, I have some first-hand experience with “Boy”. My first boyfriend, ever, had this nickname. His real name was Edward, and he went by Eddie as well, but he was (and still is!) mostly known as Boy. In this case, Boy is more of a term of endearment given to refer to a relationship to a father and grandfather– much like Sonny, or Junior– in it’s less formal sense. Traditionally given to a boy who may do things like or resemble his father or grandfather, even if they may not share a formal name. Consequently, Girl or Girlie is also used in the same manner, and more often so depending on heritage or ethnicity (For instance, this is often found prominently among certain Native American tribes and also among those of Filipino heritage.)

    Other instances where Boy frequently occurs as a nickname are among jockeys (wasn’t Boy Capel involved in polo?), among men who seem particularly attractive or ageless, or those who seem particularly youthful or ‘rascal-like’.

    There is a personal name that was once present among the Saxons, Boia, which is one possible origin for the word Boy, but this isn’t used much any longer. There really isn’t any formal name for which Boy is a short form.

    Thanks for that great question! Don’t hesitate to come back if you have any further questions. I love this stuff! :-)

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    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner

    Hey @yellowwatts!

    You know how much I love the name Benjamin. And you probably also know how much DH doesn’t like it. He says it’s too “Jewish” and that he just doesn’t like the name very much. He doesn’t like the nicknames for it especially (and neither do I really. I just love plain Benjamin). I’m still holding out hope that if that time ever does come to name a little boy, that he’ll consider it, at least for a middle name.

    In the meantime……give me all the reasons why he SHOULD love the name!!!

    I think that Benjamin is one of the most universal names in existence. Not to mention that it has been around since the virtual beginning of given names.

    The thing I love most about the name is the meaning: “son of the right hand”. The right hand side has traditionally been a reference to strength and virtue. Which is why we refer to a best friend or valued compatriot as your or my “right hand man”. The importance of the right hand is eloquently stated in the Bible’s Psalm 139:

    Where can I go from your Spirit?
    Where can I flee from your presence?
    If I go up to the heavens, you are there;
    if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.
    If I rise on the wings of the dawn,
    if I settle on the far side of the sea,
    even there your hand will guide me,
    your right hand will hold me fast.

    …and essentially, that is what Benjamin means. The name is sort of a summation of that idea. The name Benjamin became widely used throughout the world during the Protestant Reformation…and so many of the leaders and revolutionaries that formed the United States had the name. I just think it has so much of a historical pedigree that it is an amazing name.

    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner

    Congratulations, @Utahgal!

    I love the name Ashlynn and as soon as we found out we were having a girl I was excited to name her Ashlynn. Now we have decided to have her middle name be Susan after my mother. Our last name starts with an S and her initials will spell A.S.S so now I have to find a new first name.. Any suggestions on what I should do?

    Unfortunately, those initials really are pretty bad. In general, I think initials are important but don’t worry to much if they spell something, like INK or MAT, but A.S.S. isn’t something that I would mess with.

    That being said, the first thing that I would consider is putting Ashlynn in the middle spot and calling her that. It is very common, and…depending on where you live, even a more popular practice. Consider using Susan (or..if you want to be slightly different to avoid confusion) or one of it’s variants Suzanne, Susannah, Suzette, Sanne in the first name spot, followed up by Ashlynn in the middle. Susan is a wonderful name with tons of nickname potential (Suzy, Sanne,and my fave Zuzu) and if you and your husband call her Ashlynn from the very beginning, everyone else will, too. That’s pretty much a rule of thumb. This way, you can still use the name that you love, honor your mom AND avoid the initial dilemma!

    There is one more solution, too. Susan means “lily” so you could use the name lily and still honor your mom. Ashlynn Lily is very sweet name. The initials would be A.L.S., which is still a minor concern, but not so much so as the initials A.S.S.

    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner


    what do you think of the name Dante. My best guy friend and I made a pact in fourth grade that we would name our son in my case after each other?

    I think the name Dante is rad. It’s a medieval short form of the name Durante, so…if you weren’t sure about Dante, but still want to keep up your pact, you could use Durante, Durant or Duran, too and still be naming after him! Dante Alighieri is a famous bearer of the name.

    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner

    This might sound stupid but, are you replacing the batteries? Or regardless if there is a new battery the phone won’t hold charge?

    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner

    Bretta is nice and it’s not a product of any kind! :-)

    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner

    Dear Anabel,

    Thank you for answering my question about the name Dilpah. Sorry it has taken me a while to write my thanks, but I got really sick. I really appreciate you solving the mystery for me!


    Oh, you’re more than welcome @DharmaJam! I hope you’re feeling better- let us know what you decide!

    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner

    Do have advice when it comes to someone whose name taste changes OFTEN? I find that my taste changes dramatically very often. This has caused intense name regret with my daughter. I’ll love something, then just months later I love names that are complete opposite!

    Hi there, @RainbowDash!

    I think that this is very common, especially among people who are really ‘in to’ names. Although I am not sure what can be done about changing tastes I do think that there are several things that can be done to stave off ‘name regrets’. My advice to you would be to, if you haven’t already, get some really good, interesting and in-depth books about names and truly study them. Read ‘em cover to cover! I think by thoroughly understanding WHY you love a name or type of name will help!

    What is your opinion on changing a 4 year old’s first name? It’s a name like Lillian to the name Liliana. I have the worst name regret, and she’d have the same nickname and doesn’t know her full first name anyway. What kind of steps would one have to go through?

    Changing a name isn’t too difficult, and the intricacies of the procedure will change slightly from state to state and county to county. It is pretty much as simple as filling out introductory paperwork, having it filed with the court, have the court ‘rule’ upon it and ‘grant’ the change, and then receiving official confirmation of that and notifying social security and getting new birth certificates. If you have ever been married, you may have changed your own name during that process. It would be very similar to that. Only you can decide if you want to go through it and change, but it seems like it would be something that you would feel better about, and since it isn’t something that would affect your daughter horribly being that most everything would be the same, I might consider it for your own piece of mind.

    Ok here is a question asking for name advice:
    My newest name taste loves are very lacy and romantic girl names like Rosabella, Liviana, Juliette, Luciana, Dahlia, Aurelia, Seraphina, Juliana, Genevieve, Aurora, Cordelia, Georgiana…I absolutely adore the romantic and exotic feel of many of these.

    But I can’t find many boy names that go well with my son’s name Henry and still give that romantic feeling. Though I know many regal and upperclass/British examples of Henrys, but to me it still feels quite down to earth and farmer to me.

    So boys names that bridge the gap between Henry and Rosabelle/Juliette/Seraphina?

    Boys names that come to mind in the vein of your tastes and go well with Henry are those like: Sebastian, Gavin, Leander, Evander, Durand,Durant, Dorian, Caspian, Quintin, Westley, Vincent, Matthias, Tristram, Constantine, Gideon, Phineas, Lucian or Lucius.

    Thanks for your questions! Please don’t hesitate to ask follow-ups, or let me help in any additional way…that’s what I’m here for!

    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner

    what are some similar names to Ella, Eva and Charles.
    I don’t really like repeating family names but want to honor some of them.
    I guess I mean variants.

    Similar names to Ella:
    Elsa (this one is going to get uber popular, though)
    Try this list for more!

    Similar names to Eva
    Try this list for more!

    Similar Names to Charles:

    Try this list for more!

    I’d love some rare literary names too please.
    Me and fiance Louis both really liked Dorian for a boy.

    Dorian is awesome! And literary, too…The Picture of Dorian Gray comes to mind!

    Check here for some literary names!

    My fiance liked Ezio.
    What can you tell me about Ezio?

    Ezio is pronounces E-tsyo and it is an Italian name. Its a variant of the ancient Roman personal (like our first) name Aetius from the element ‘aetos’, meaning ‘eagle’. In history, Flavius Aetius was the leader who finally defeated Atilla the Hun.

    Charles, Lincoln, Thomas, Todd, Jude are some middle names I like.
    Bernadette, Charlene, Eva, Ellen, Gayle, Annabella, Ella are some girl middle names I like.
    They all honor somebody I care for.

    I also would love to use Clementine and Topanga either as a first of middle name.
    He wants Judith or Rosemary for a middle name for a girl.

    These are all great middle name choices. Personally, Topanga screams “Boy Meets World” to me, and I think for that reason it seems trendy…there really isn’t a lot of reason outside of that and a strong affinity to Topanga Canyon outside of LA , to use it. If you do, however, have a strong regional connection to it, then I could see using that one.

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    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner

    I like uncommon names with “good” meanings. uncommon being usually 300 and up.
    I prefer 6 letter longs or less.
    I don’t mind more common names for boys as long as they aren’t in the top 100.
    My future step daughter is Felicity which means great happiness.
    My daughter from a previous marriage is Tegan which I picked because I read it meant beautiful.
    My angel son was Louis after his father who was a fourth.
    I am not pregnant but we are ttc after a lose in October.
    I want some name suggestions for boys or girls based on those names.

    Hey there, @Zombehh!

    I put together some names for you…just to get a feeling of what you may like! There are 10 of them here, for each gender. Please let me know what you think, to let me know if I am going in the right direction and I would LOVE to put even more together for you based on your feedback! Do you have any middle names in mind? Good luck & lots of baby dust to you!!

    1. Abram
    2. Jasper
    3. Seth
    4. Lane/Layne
    5. Gideon
    6. Samson
    7. Elias
    8. Callum
    9. Cedric

    1. Willow
    2. Isla
    3. Shelby
    4. Nadia
    5. Talia
    6. Gloria
    7. Annika
    8. Winter
    9. Brenna
    10. Blair

    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner

    Thanks for your questions, @LilLinds94!

    This question is not so specific but moreso an advice question. What do you suggest for those who just can’t seem to get excited about names as they used to? How do you get out of a name rut? Do you have any great websites or books or anything that helps to spark interest again?

    I have periods where all names seem dull to me. It isn’t unusual since in media and our daily lives we do tend to hear the same names mentioned over and over again, and, you are correct–it can dull the creative senses and put you in a rut.

    I find that the best way, at least for me, to get out of such a rut is to look back at history. There is a book that I have and absolutely love called Names Through the Ages by Theresa Norman. It is full of names, but it isn’t your average baby name type book, like we are used to seeing. It explores the popular names through the annals of history across the world, going back through certain rulers’ reigns’ and what names were commonly used…or what names came into use at that time. Its fascinating and really gets the creative juices flowing!

    Another book that I think any true-to-the-core name enthusiast should have is The Dictionary of American Portraits by Cirker & Cirker. You can see all of the names of important people in the US, although some have been slightly forgotten with time, and see their portraits and accomplishments. Most of these people you can find more info on the net, too. Actresses, businessmen, suffragettes and actors…dating back to the beginning of our country…the names in there are a treasure! You can buy both of these books used just about anywhere if you look—check out Amazon.

    Other things that I like to do is to search through historic town rosters, genealogical records for certain towns throughout the US or search things like The Titanic Passenger list. Looking at all of the names there really gives a perspective that you cannot get by just flipping through a baby name book or looking up names that you might already know on websites.

    Also, you can go right here on BabyNamesWorld and select a category to search and see lost of names that you normally do not hear or see. We have so many categories, lists and origins in our database. Just pick one and start reading! :-)

    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner

    What are your honest thoughts on Leo Jeremiah and Maggie Christina? I really love both of the first names but am uncertain about the middles.

    Hey @yellowwatts!

    I really, LOVE these combos! In fact, I have looked at many of your posts and I find these to be probably the nicest choices I’ve seen of yours lately. The middle names, I think, are what make these so cool. You have two middle names here that are names one would expect to find upfront, which makes the combo fresh and perky.Keep those middles! :-)

    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner

    I read her whole essay and I am glad I did. I feel bad that parents hover around children so much. I don’t think that it is what is best for them. I think this is why we have 18 year olds that are more like 13 and 14 year olds, and few people that are ready for the adult responsibilities that comes with graduation and continuing in society. Most lessons, ideas, concepts cannot be taught by words, they have to be taught by personal experience. Basically, kids are learning later and later HOW to learn, and sometimes…they just can’t catch up. That is why the average age for children leave their parents house is 27 years old…and it is all based upon fear and judgement by others. Its an epidemic and I hope that common sense will one day become fashionable. That’s just my opinion.

    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner

    Just to start things off…I wouldn’t, but probably not for the reasons most wouldn’t. It’s primarily because I love names…and if someone close to me took a name and used it, I have plenty more that I love. I don’t think there has ever been a name I am that attached to that I couldn’t easily or gladly just go back to the drawing board.

    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner

    I thought of the car immediately upon seeing the title of your post. Its the first thing that came to my mind. I don’t think its a horribly association personally, but it will be a common one, so be prepared for that. “Her name is Jetta” “Oh. Like the car?” I can see more of that happening than outright teasing or bullying.

    Knowing that you have to decide if your love for the name is stronger than that. Prepare yourself to hear that kind of thing often as a parent, and know your kid will probably hear it, too, and decide if you think that is bad or if it is alright. Its in your hands to decide. You choose this name for someone else.

    That being said, I know plenty of people named Duncan that hear “Dunkin doughnuts” and they are just fine. Plenty of people are named Alexia and that is the name of actual neurological condition. Plenty of people are named Dasani and that is a brand of water (a name for the water made up by Coca-Cola company that didn’t exist prior to that). You have to decide what your own personal threshold is for what is ‘too much’ and then choose accordingly. :-)

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