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Which do you like? Other ideas?

  • raiinzen

    So right now we don’t know the gender of the baby, but I am too excited to wait before we start thinking about names because I’ve been dreaming about finding a totally unique baby name for years.

    So here is what we have as ideas so far. Please remember, we love unique names, so if you don’t like unique names then don’t trash all of these please! =D

    Azalea (Skye for the middle name)
    Zavia (I kind of came up with this one on my own)
    Avea (ahhh-vay-ah) (Skye for the middle name with this one too)

    Jasper or Jesper
    Shay (not super unusual, but it reminds us of someone we both love dearly, though I have no idea what we could use as a middle name for Shay)

    I love anything that is nature, earthy, green, celtic, Nordic, or just simply unique without sounding crazy in my head. I also love names that easily slide off the tongue so like Avea just slides off my tongue so easily. I love that.

    Also, for girls name, I hate names that end with strong ee’s like Ashley.
    Also, I love names that start with A, R, S, and Z the most.

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  • TwoSapphires

    I love Azalea. I think it’s really pretty.
    I’ve known at least 3 Rowans so that might not be as unique as you’re looking for.
    Zavia reminds me too much of Stevia and Zevia (a soda made from Stevia). You might like Zola?

    For boys … I think Shay would be my top pick, followed by River and then Jasper. North might make everyone think you’re naming after North West. I think Aspen might lend itself too easily to “ass” jokes; otherwise it would be a cool name.


    I like Azalae, Avia and Avea. And I only really like Jasper from your boys list. I would stay away from North, personally, after the Kardashian’s it’s the only thing it will be related too.


    I love Azalea! That was on our short list for daughter number 2, though probably as a mn. Another unique girl’s name I’ve heard is Afton, if that fits your criteria?

    Of the boy names, I like Jasper the best. Hmm Rowan was on my list, too, but for a boy.


    I think Aveah and Zavia might have some pronunciation issues. Azalea is the pick for me. I would avoid North because of the Kanye/Kardashian reference. River and Jasper are my picks from your boy’s list.

    You might like:

    Bryony - a “green” name for your list. It’s a type of vine and was a popular name for girls in the Victorian era when floral names were a popular trend for girls.
    Brynja – “brin ya” a cool Nordic name.
    Calandra – a type of lark native to the Mediterranean.
    Iris (or any of the other million flower names for girls)

    Adair – a cool nature themed boy’s name that hails from Scotland

    – meaning “cliff.”


    I love Azalea Skye as a name and I love unique names too. I like Jasper/ Jesper although for me River is a girl’s name thanks to Doctor Who:p. I also like Sylas for a boy, and it means forest, so it fits the green theme.


    I like Azalea, and, as suggested, I love Zola! I would spell Avea like Avaya or Avayah if you use it because Avea makes me want to pronounce it like ay-vee-uh.

    As previously mentioned, North automatically makes me too think of Kim K and Kanye. Of your boy choices, Shay is my favorite.


    Ahhh, I love Jasper!! So nice to see that making people’s lists lately!

    Azalea – Pretty, and not too crazy unusual. I think Azalea Skye’s pretty, though maybe a bit too over-the-top naturey?
    Rowan – Love it!
    Avia – There’s another thread from a few days ago about the name Aviva, which a lot of us thought sounded like a brand, not a name. I kind of feel Avia’s in the same boat. What about Aria or Ava instead? Or maybe Avalon?
    Zaria – Really pretty, and unique but not too weird.
    Zavia – I tried saying it out loud, and now all I can think of is the name Xavier. It’s kind of neat, but I like Zaria a lot more.
    Avea – I think the pronunciation may prove difficult for a lot of people. I would have guessed it was the same as Avia. And I see the same problem with it, honestly, I think both names sound like some sort of lotion…. Sorry.

    River – Pretty cool, I don’t think it’s as unique as your other choices. Very standard for nature names.
    North – North West! Don’t do it! Celebrities are known for having terrible taste in names, don’t give your kid the same name they used…
    Aspen – Sounds too girly to me. Cool name, but I don’t see it on a boy.
    Jasper or Jesper – I love Jasper so much. Jesper looks like a typo, stick with Jasper. It’s pretty unusual as it is, and Jasper’s an actual type of stone, so people will know how to spell it.
    Shay – I like Shay a lot! Again, maybe a bit girly, but I think it could work great on a boy, too. Maybe something more common and standard as a boys name for the middle name?


    I also love unique names! I don’t want to use any names that are common because my name is common and I’ve had a lot of problems with it. The names I like from your list are: Azalea, Zaria, and River.


    I like Zaria….Here are some other ideas:

    Clodagh (“Clo-dah”)


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