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What's your favorite…..

  • yellowwatts

    (looking to be inspired a little this evening :) )

    Popular name?
    Trendy name?
    Surname for first name?
    Country sounding name?
    Preppy sounding name?
    Guilty pleasure name?
    Short name?
    Long name?
    Middle name?
    Name you love but can’t use?

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  • Tara

    Popular name: Noah & Chloe
    Trendy name: Braxton & India
    Surname for first name: Hunter & Taylor
    Country sounding name: Blake & Savannah
    Preppy sounding name: Phillip & Cecilia
    Guilty pleasure name: River & Clementine
    Short name: Noah & Rose
    Long name: Zachariah & Josephine
    Middle name: Andrew & Rose
    Name you love but can’t use: Travis & Mila


    Popular name? Elizabeth & Alexander
    Trendy name? Arabella & Finn
    Surname for first name? Winslet & Bennet
    Country sounding name? Tallulah & Silas
    Preppy sounding name? Georgiana & Alasdair
    Guilty pleasure name? Arachne & Icarus
    Short name? Lyra & Kai
    Long name? Jessamine/Alexandria/Constance & Bartholomew/Daedalus (Sorry, I just couldn’t choose one)
    Middle name? Fae & Edmund
    Name you love but can’t use? Don’t really have any. Layla & Dante maybe

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2)

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