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What name Would you use?

  • phoenix84

    Hello all,

    I have fallen in love with the name Paloma…I can’t use it as a first name? But would as a middle.

    What first name would you use with Paloma in as middle? I’m looking for something with a nice flow, so I could use both names occasionally when calling her etc

    Also what do you think of this name?

    Thanks xx

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  • yellowwatts

    I’m not fond of the name but I think it would work with the right first name.

    Sophie Paloma
    Ivy Paloma
    Eden Paloma
    Claire Paloma
    Daphne Paloma
    Zoe Paloma


    I’ve never heard it before. To me it sounds like a place name? Maybe it just reminds me of Pomona.

    A few ideas:
    Anna Paloma
    Lydia Paloma
    Sadie Paloma

    I like pp’s suggestions of Sophie, Ivy, Eden and Claire with it, too.


    Paloma is the Spanish word for dove.
    (Therefore, I’d stay away from names that are also Spanish/Latin adjectives, like Blanche/Bianca, Mia, Bella, Serena etc as the result will sound comic to Spanish-speakers. Trust me, my first name is an adjective and my surname is a noun – I sound great in English but in Portuguese, my name begins to sound like a stripper.)

    Is there a reason you do not want to use it as a first name (i.e. clashes with surname)? I think Paloma would be beautiful as the first name:

    Paloma Brynn
    Paloma Bree
    Paloma Meabh/Maeve
    Paloma Ruth
    Paloma Quinn
    Paloma Ivy (pp’s suggestion reversed)
    Paloma Eve
    Paloma Blythe
    Paloma Sophie (pp’s suggestion reversed)
    Paloma Sadie (pp’s suggestion reversed)



    Thank you for your suggestions, they r all beautiful, bit any others would be appreciated…..don’t feel we quite have it yet. I would rather it as a middle because our surname begins with P and it would sound a bit silly. Our daughter middle name is Pearl and I like that the middle would have the same initial.

    My daughters name is Esmé and my son is James, if that helps for any other ideas. Thanks you :) x


    I do like Ivy and Sadie, but have friends with children who have those names :/ xx

    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner

    I love the name Paloma! Very nice!!

    Esme, James and

    Elodie Paloma
    Ada Paloma
    Eva Paloma
    Athena Paloma
    Liora Paloma
    Leah Paloma


    I love Esme! :) Cool names.

    I love Anabel’s suggestions of Elodie, Eva or Liora. I think they all sound good with your other kids’ names and with Paloma as a middle name.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7)

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