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What FNs for these middles?

  • ashthedreamer

    I have several double-middle combos that I’ve really been crushing on, but I can’t seem to find a first name I like with them. What first names would you pair with these?

    Iris Madeleine
    Cosima Lily
    Odilia Lily

    I’m tossing around Charlotte Iris Madeleine, Winter Cosima Lily (maybe Olivia Cosima Lily?), and Grace Odilia Lily, but I’m not sure how I feel about them… What would you pair with them?

    Thanks, ladies!

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  • TwoSapphires

    I like Charlotte Iris Madeleine, Olivia Cosima Lily and Grace Odilia Lily! :) All very pretty.


    I am really loving Charlotte Iris Madeleine now! le sigh. I always have issues with Charlotte, though, and I’m afraid this won’t stick. :(

    Any other ideas for Odilia Lily? I think it’s the one name I want to use most from the last batch of crushes I’ve discovered, and I love Odilia Lily together (or even Odilia Claire, but I like Odilia Lily more), but I haven’t found anything like like better than Grace Odilia Lily. IDK, I just seem to be stuck. :/


    Charlotte Iris Madeleine is lovely, though if you’re not sold on Charlotte I don’t think it would be the best choice! Grace Odilia Lily is also gorgeous. Winter Cosima Lily rocks, though I don’t know how I feel about Winter as a first name, and Olivia is a bit much here in my opinion. The flow isn’t sounding right for some reason.

    Other ideas

    Harriet Iris Madeleine
    Niamh Iris Madeleine
    Annabel Iris Madeleine
    Xanthe Iris Madeleine (bit descriptive, but cool!)

    Georgia Cosima Lily
    Faye Cosima Lily
    Rachel Cosima Lily
    Olive Cosima Lily (flow-wise, this is good, not sure about Olive and Lily together though…)
    Annabel Cosima Lily

    Eve Odilia Lily
    June Odilia Lily
    Niamh Odilia Lily
    Catherine Odilia Lily
    Maeve Odilia Lily
    Faith Odilia Lily


    I like your options! Here’s what quickly came to my mind.

    Emily Iris Madeleine
    Alexandra Cosima Lily
    Francesca Odilia Lily


    What about Iris Charlotte Madeleine? <3 oh so lovely

    I love Odilia Lily, and Grace is so sweet as well!

    Mary Odilia Lily
    Ingrid Odilia Lily
    Hope Odilia Lily
    Charlotte Odilia Lily (though you aren’t sold on Charlotte)
    Elsie Odilia Lily
    Eva Odilia Lily
    Claire Odilia Lily
    Ruth Odilia Lily
    Anna Odilia Lily

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5)

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