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what do you think of..

  • valerie

    what do you think of these girl names?

    - Olivia (really popular)
    - Nora (french)
    - Delphine (french)
    - Clary
    - Beatrice
    - Analeigh
    - Demelza
    - Simone

    when i say french, it’s because you have to say it with a french accent (which is me and my fiance’s first language)

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  • TwoSapphires

    I LOVE Nora, and I like Clary, Olivia, and Simone. Delphine is kind of cute, too (I know someone by this name).
    I love Annaleigh but you really need two “n”s in it or the first four letters are a problem …


    Out of those I like analeigh


    I like Nora and Delphine the best. Wouldn’t people would pronounce Delphine more or less the same with a French or English accent? Is it prounounced del-FEEN? I think if you are in an English speaking country, people will automatically pronounce Nora as NOR-ah though, so if that bugs you, you may want to skip it. Olivia, Beatrice and Simone are cute too.


    I really like Annaleigh, but I agree that the second N is a necessity. It could still have the Ah-nuh pronunciation, but it seems WAY less likely to be teased…
    I rather like Delphine and Simone as well. What’s the difference for the french pronunciation of Nora and Delphine, though? I’m not fluent by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve studied French and can’t think of how they could be significantly different than how we say tem in English.


    Olivia – it’s ok. There is likely to be more than one Olivia wherever she goes.
    Nora – makes me think of a dinner lady.
    Delphine – beautiful. Classy, elegant, very French.
    Clary – seems a bit weird to me. Like it’s not a whole name.
    Beatrice – very classy.
    Analeigh – will be forever known as Anally no matter how many Ns are in her name.
    Demelza – unusual, but it works. It does sound a little bit like a drag queen…
    Simone – I love it. It’s classy but not obnoxious and sounds lovely.


    Olivia and Nora are the only ones I like from the list. :)


    Olivia – a strong, beautiful classic. You’re right, though, it is popular. Perhaps you could consider it as a middle name?

    Nora – I like this. It’s cute but ages well. I think I prefer it as a nickname for Leonora slightly more, but it works fine on its own.

    Delphine – love! It is strong, feminine but not overly frilly, and works well in French. A great, unusual choice.

    Clary – this is odd to me. Claire or Clara would be much more classic choices.

    Beatrice – I go back and forth on whether I like this one. It is a lovely choice that would be equally gorgeous on a young girl or an adult, but sometimes it feels a bit ‘stuffy’ to me (and I love older names!).

    Analeigh – I can appreciate the appeal in some respects but, as TwilitAmity pointed out, the similarity to ‘anally’ is just too much.

    Demelza – I like this a lot as it is strong and unusual. Unfortunately, however, I am always reminded of the ugly sisters or wicked witches when I see it. :-(

    Simone – this is okay, I don’t have a strong opinion either way. It does remind me of Timon from Lion King, though, which makes it have a slightly masculine feel to me. Still, a strong and unusual choice.


    - Olivia: really popular, but popular for a reason :)
    - Nora (french): Always sounded kind of harsh and abrupt to me
    - Delphine (french): okay..reminds me of “dolphin” when I look at it though lol
    - Clary: definitely strange. I’d like Claire
    - Beatrice: Bea is adorable and Beatrice ages well
    - Analeigh: I agree it needs two ns, otherwise I love the sound of it
    - Demelza: Not a fan.
    - Simone: Love this one, especially in the mn spot. Unfortunately it’s a common last name in my area

    My favorites are Olivia,Simone & Analeigh spelled Annaleigh


    I will give
    10/10 for Nora
    9/10 for Simone
    8/10 for Clary

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    I know someone called Delphine and have always loved that name. Definitely my favourite of your list.

    I’d skip Olivia and Nora… they’re quite boring compared to your other suggestions. Olive or Olivine might be good alternatives to Olivia

    Beatrice is nice too; I prefer “Beatrix”, but both are lovely

    Analeigh – bad connotations

    Demelza – is one of those names I can never decide whether I really like it or just find it odd. It’s beautifully unusual but clumsy to say. Demelza is a Cornish name – here are a few others, in case you are interested:

    Simone reminds me of Simone de Beauvoir, who is a great role model for a daughter. However, a girl I went to school with called Simone hated her name because people often mispronounced it as “CY-moan” instead of “sih-MOAN”


    Btw, how *do* the French pronounce Nora?


    Olivia – Cute! Especially with a French accent!
    Nora – Not sure how this would sound with your accent? I love it though!
    Delphine – Very pretty
    Clary – I would prefer Clara
    Beatrice – Not my style, but I do like the nickname ‘Bea’
    Analeigh – I Can’t get past the first 4 letters.. ‘Anal’
    Demelza – Cute!
    Simone – Not my style


    - Olivia- i love it. its feminine but strong and not frilly. i love the cute nn livy and the cool more grown up nn liv. the only two things i dont like about this name are olives.. thats a weird thing to be named after. and the popularity.
    - Nora (french) love this too
    - Delphine (french) not a fan. the first thing i think of is delphine on american horror story. which should not ruin this name! but it sounds kind of old fashioned. would be a great middle name
    - Clary- dont like this. but love claire
    - Beatrice- cool name but not a fav
    - Analeigh- i think this is so pretty. i slightly prefer annaleigh. some people have said it reminds them of anally
    - Demelza- to out there for me
    - Simone- eh ok. i like it more as a middle name


    I’m curious how Nora is pronounced in France as well!!

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