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TV Show Names

  • TheWishingStar

    Been watching any shows lately with an interesting cast of names for their characters?

    I thought it could be interesting to share some lists from TV shows, since they tend to have a solid number of characters, memorable names, and a very specific universe in which those names are set.

    So, list away! And what do you think of the names?!

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  • TheWishingStar

    I’ve been watching Almost Human, a relatively new show that’s set 35 years from now, and it struck me that if the characters are supposed to be in their 30′s-40′s, they’re being born now. It’s in the near enough future that the names should reflect current trends. But their names don’t at all, they’re names that we’d consider normal and common for an adult TODAY. I’d expect a Jacob or Sophia or Liam or something. Thought it was interesting that perhaps the writers didn’t take it into account at all that name trends have changed, and that it took me half a season to think of it.

    Major Characters:
    John Reginald
    Dorian (falls outside that age problem by not being human, thus not 35-ish. But is meant to appear around that age anyway)

    Minor/one-time Characters (thanks to IMDb, I’m not that good at remembering names):
    Vanessa (also not human)
    Jenna and Paige (sisters)

    There have also been named children: Victor, Martin (Marty), and Phillip. Interesting to me that they played it safe with classic names that won’t ever really go out of style, and that two of three go by their full names, despite there being easy nicknames for both.

    Also, one character used the false name “Callum” in one episode.


    Hmm. Is it any good? I had been waiting MONTHS to see it, and then the first couple episodes were such a let-down for me. I just can’t make myself watch it anymore, and I really wanted to love it. :(

    I think some of them work just fine–Dorian and Lorenzo are pretty in-style these days, as well as Leo names. I found it odd that Maldonado was the captain (?)’s name–I rarely came across the surname before, but we recently got a new pastor whose surname is Maldonado, and now I hear it everywhere! haha.

    I found the baby names interesting on some of the shows I’ve been watching lately. I know it’s not a full show, but in USA’s Covert Affairs, the Campbells have a new son named Mackenzie (Mackenzie Campbell! How cool is that?!), and on CBS’s Hawaii Five-0, McGarrett’s sister, Mary, has an adopted baby girl named Joan (after their dad, John. Why couldn’t they just name her Jane?!).

    I really love the names from my two favorite new TV shows this fall, too:

    Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:

    Grant (more often goes by his surname, Ward, but I love Grant!)
    Melinda Mei
    Leo (LOVE Gemma and Leo! So quintessentially British, too, and Leo is Scottish and Jemma is English. Besides, I like their collective term, Fitz-Simmons, even more. haha)
    Philip (Agent Coulson)

    The Crazy Ones:
    Andrew (really making me appreciate Andrew–I love his character so much! I think I’m even more intrigued by the actor’s fn, Hamish!)

    I especially like Simon, Andrew, Grant, Jemma/Gemma, and Leo.


    Oh, I’m loving Almost Human! I was looking forward to it, too (I love Karl Urban), and it’s not great, but it’s been pretty enjoyable. You have to be okay with the episodes not really all connecting – one of those shows that can be watched out of order without much of a problem.
    A lot of the surnames seem pretty uncommon though – Kennex, Lom, Maldonado, Stahl? Like, none of them are exceptionally weird, but none are surnames I’ve ever really heard before? I think that kind of works for a TV show, though. You want a name a watcher can google and find your character first, not real people with the name.

    I was really excited for Agents of SHIELD too, but I was really disappointed with the first few eps and gave up on it, though I’ve heard it’s getting better. Didn’t know Fitz and Simmons’ first names, though. Leo is so perfect!! I should get back into that show, I really liked those two characters…


    american horror story 3
    nan- i think this is really cute
    madison- modern, trendy and dont like girls names ending in son
    zoe- fun but not really my style
    queenie- i dont understand this at all. i know someone with this name too.
    delpine- this is a cool uncommon name
    fiona- this name feels naturey to me. i like it
    cordelia- dont like this one

    fringe 1 and 2
    olivia- not a huge fan. i dont like olives.. but i like the nn liv and livy
    peter- dislike
    walter- this is an ok name but reminds me of walnut
    nina- pretty
    astrid- strange but somewhat pretty

    modern family
    claire- this is pretty and cute, classic but modern sounding. i like it
    hayley- i dont know how to spell this. i prefer holly
    alex- i dont like this for a girl. but i love alexandra
    luke- not a fav
    gloria- ok. i like glory better.
    lily- classic and pretty
    cameron- i prefer camden
    mitchell- dont like
    manny- dont like


    Kelsey – och, so good! It took me like, five episodes to really get into it? I was loathe to give it up, because I love the Avengers and I really wanted to like the show, too. It just keeps getting better, though, and I love the dynamic between Skye and Grant. And Fitz-Simmons! And Coulson and Melinda Mei. They’re just fab together. I hear they’re adding full-time characters (two?!) after the winter/Christmas break, and I’m afraid it’ll ruin the dynamic. I stinkin’ adore it.

    Another show I’m loving: Reign. (Guilty! I love history, and romance, and I love the shows on CW, haha.)

    Mary (although I like the actress’s name, Adelaide, better!)
    Greer (love this so much!)
    Aylee (although I’m so mad they used this spelling, instead of the traditional Scottish Eilidh!)

    So many good names!!!!

    I am really loving Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, too, but I find the names a bit on the boring side (Alice, Will/the Knave, Cyrus, Anastasia/the Red Queen, Jafar… Although Alice’s little sister’s name, Lily, is cute. :) I also like Cyrus. And I’m loving the interaction between Alice and the Knave!).

    I think that’s the extent of the new shows I’m loving lately. And I feel like I’ve discussed the names of the other shows I really love way too much on other threads, so I don’t even know where to start there. Although I do love the names of the two main characters on Rizzoli and Isles: Jane Clementine Rizzoli and Maura Dorothea Isles. I feel like those are names only a name nerd would love, haha!

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