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The big lists!

  • mneme

    My long lists, totally unapproved by my husband, but let’s name my baby without him

    Boys: Alvin, Hugo, Rowan, Stirling, Grant, Simon, Ezra, Oscar, Calvin, Emrys, Errol, Malcolm, Truman

    Girls: Ramona, Juniper, Hazel, Amity, Virginia, Imogen, Clementine, Eleanor, Margaret/Margot, Coralie, Sybil, Matilda, Harriet

    What do you think? Combo ideas? Last name is Smith…

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  • yellowwatts

    Malcolm Hugo
    Simon Grant
    Truman Oscar

    Juniper Harriet
    Eleanor Hazel
    Coralie Margaret

    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner

    Do you have middle names picked out? Or do you want to make combos from the list here?


    From your boys list, I love Simon, Oscar, and Calvin.
    I like Rowan, Grant, Malcolm and Truman.

    I think Simon Grant would be a strong combo, or Calvin Grant.

    From your girls list, I love Eleanor and Coralie.
    I like Margaret/Margo.
    Juniper and Harriet I like as middle names.

    Some girl combo ideas would be Eleanor Margaret, Eleanor Virginia, Margaret Coralie or Margot Juniper.


    Alvin – Not a fan, I just think Alvin and the Chipmunks….
    Hugo – Not my style, but I think it would be a pretty good choice. CLassic and handsome. Maybe Hugo Malcolm?
    Rowan – Love it! Such a cool name. Maybe Rowan Grant?
    Stirling – I just think Sterling Silver. And given that the last name Smith is already associated with metal-working, I just think it would be a troublesome name.
    Grant – Simple, classic. I like it, but I think Grant Smith isn’t too impressive, though. With such a common last name, a more unusual and multisyllabic first name would be better.
    Simon – Kind of the same as Grant, I like it as a name, but with your last name it’s pretty plain, plus they’re very similar names…
    Ezra – I’m not a fan, I’ve always felt that Ezra was a super feminine sounding name I know it’s a boys name, and I’ve never met a female Ezra. But I just cannot get over how girly it sounds. It’s kinda like Isla or Esme to me.
    Oscar – Could be nice. Maybe Oscar Grant or Oscar Rowan?
    Calvin – Love Calvin! And I love that it’s not very common, but still super well-known. Maybe Calvin Hugo? Calvin Grant?
    Emrys – I’ve honestly never heard this name before, but I misread it as Emmys.
    Errol – I will never be able to hear it without thinking of the incompetent owl from Harry Potter. It’s kind of a joke of a name to me now…
    Malcolm – Ooh, I like it! Maybe Malcolm Hugo? I want to say Malcolm Grant, but that’s really very Jurassic Park-y… But maybe a different short-ish middle name?
    Truman – Eh, not a fan. Too much of a surname to me, and it’s kind of just…True man. I’m not crazy about that.

    Ramona – I like it, though it may be seen as kind of outdated? I think it’s pretty and different, though. Maybe Ramona Hazel? Or a 1-syllable middle name like Claire?
    Juniper – Love it!! It’s not very common these days, but I think it’s so pretty! And I like the nickname Juni/Junie/Juney. Maybe Juniper Margot?
    Hazel – Love this too! Such a pretty name, and I think it ages really well. Maybe Hazel Eleanor or Hazel Coralie?
    Amity – Not a fan, virtue names carry so much weight. And Amity Smith sounds clunky to me, with the repeathed “mit”
    Virginia – I’m not a fan of how it obviously just says “Virgin.” Very old-lady-ish to me, too.
    Imogen – Not a fan. I personally think it sounds like a disease….
    Clementine – Pretty, but also, it’s a fruit. I respect it more as a name than, say, Apple, but it still seems like a goofy celebrity-baby name to me. That or an old-lady.
    Eleanor – Love it! Classic and making a comeback, plus it’s so pretty. Maybe Eleanor Hazel, Eleanor Margaret, Eleanor Margot, Eleanor Ramona?
    Margaret/Margot – I like both, though Margaret inevitably gets the nickname Maggie, which I kind of hate. Or Marge/Margie, which is even worse. I like Margot a lot, though I prefer the spelling Margo – with the T it looks like maggot…. But I do really like both names. CLassic and so beautiful. Maybe Margaret Hazel, Margaret Coralie, Margot Eleanor, Margot Juniper, or Margot Virginia?
    Coralie – Pretty, kinda cute and trandy. I think it would work really well with Smith, though. Maybe Coralie Hazel, Coralie Juniper, or Coralie Margot?
    Sybil – I like the meaning and history, and I think it’s a cool name, but I cannot imagine it on a child at all.
    Matilda – Cute, classic, and pretty! Maybe Matilda Harriet, Matilda Hazel, or Matilda Eleanor?
    Harriet – I like the name, but I also find it pretty out-dated. It’d be nice to see it have a comeback, though. Maybe Harriet Margot?


    my favorites are grant and matilda


    Of the boy names you listed, my favorites are Rowan, Grant, Ezra, Calvin, and Errol.
    Of the girl names you listed, my favorites are Hazel, Virginia, and Coralie. Clementine is cute, but I have trouble getting beyond the song. Juniper is interesting. I’ve not heard it as a name before, but it is kind of cute. I think I could warm up to it. I think if I had a little girl named Juniper, I’d wind up calling her June-bug a lot.

    Rowan Errol
    Grant Ezra
    Calvin Grant

    Coralie Hazel
    Juniper Eva (it seems like a classic mn would pair best with such an unusual first name)
    Virginia Eleanor


    Any update?

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