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Teen Mom Names

  • lcd1912

    Okay I have to admit a GP TV show of mine is Teen Mom. I’m curious which ones you thought did a good and bad job? Some I feel are typical “Teen Mom names” and others have become increasingly popular since the show:

    1 Bentley Cadence – Bentley has been on the rise and is one of my favorites (hence my dog’s mn haha)
    2 Sophia Laurent- I think Farrah did a beautiful job on this one!
    3 Leah Leann- Leah is pretty, Leann is just redundant next to it
    4 Jocelyn Jade
    5 Weston Owen – I picture a little cowboy!
    6 Carolyn “Carly” Elizabeth – classic

    1 Jace Vahn- I think this one is pretty cool, but she’s expecting another to be named “Kaiser” which I dislike (I know too many ppl with the surname Kaiser)
    2 Lyle Thomas
    3 Nevaeh Lynn
    4 Aubree Skye – Aubrey and all of it’s spellings have taken off like wild fire!!
    5 Aidan Elliot – approved
    6 Jordynn Amelia Marie
    7 Brooklyn Marie
    8 Aliannah “Ali” Hope and Aleeah Grace (Twins)- Don’t like these especially because their mom’s name is so similar (Leah), but I love their little sister’s name, “Adalynn”
    9 Summer Jayde – probably one I would have had on my list at 16…
    10 Isaac Elliot – I think Isaac is such an old, biblical name and he has a new brother “Lincoln” which i think has a totally different vibe

    1 Brody Ryan
    2 Genesis Alexa
    3 Liam Allen – love this
    4 Za’Karia Sanari – tongue twister?
    5 Austin Carter – although Austin is my husband’s mn, it has never been a name that has set right with me for some reason, no clue why…
    6 Destiny Brianna – not a huge fan of names like Destiny, Chastity, Charity, etc.
    7 Rylan Jayce – so many ys!
    8 Blake Ray
    9 Callie Danielle – Callie is cute as a nn

    1 Noah James – classic
    2 Joshua Devan Jr and Noah Matthew (twins) – Nice twin set
    3 Miah Christine – At first glance I thought it was Micah spelled wrong
    4 Jamie Paul Jr – Wish Jamie was short for something
    5 Kylee Sue – prefer sp Kylie
    6 Preston Michael – handsome
    7 Enrique Jairo
    8 Kay’den Elijah
    9 Aubri Rose – prefer other spellings
    10 Aydenn Anthony – & this spelling kills me

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  • fletcher

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    1 Bentley Cadence- i think bentley is a boys name and cadence is a girls name. i dont like bentley. its too boyish for a girl and not masculine enough for a boy. sounds like a dogs name. i like cadence though.
    2 Sophia Laurent- I love sophia. laurent i dont care for but it flows beautiful
    3 Leah Leann- wow really redundant. i love leah. leann is ok but why would you put it with leann.
    4 Jocelyn Jade- both great names. not terrible together but i dont like the j and j.
    5 Weston Owen – i like these names. dont think id put them together but its an ok combo like jocelyn jade.
    6 Carolyn “Carly” Elizabeth- classic. i like carlie better than carolyn

    1 Jace Vahn-i love jace. i dont like vahn. i dont like kaiser but i love kai. she should do jace and kai.
    2 Lyle Thomas- ehh to old manish for me
    3 Nevaeh Lynn- pretty sound. nevaeh is kind of tacky though.
    4 Aubree Skye – i prefer the spelling aubrey. but this is a great combo.
    5 Aidan Elliot – very cute. prefer aiden spelling
    6 Jordynn Amelia Marie- dont like jordan on a girl. and this spelling is really tacky. it doesnt match amelia marie either. amelia marie is ok, more old fashioned though.
    7 Brooklyn Marie- not a fan of brooklyn. i prefer brooke
    8 aliannah, aleeah, and adalynn- oh my. the first two have awful spellings. i dont like aliannah. i love aleeah but cant figure out the best way to spell it. adalynn is ok.
    9 Summer Jayde – too wordy as a combo but both nice names. only like the jade spelling.
    10 Isaac Elliot – nice and classic. im liking lincoln too lately.

    1 Brody Ryan- great combo. brody is another name that doesnt sound too manly but its nice.
    2 Genesis Alexa- this is cool. genesis is a bit out there for me but its ok.
    3 Liam Allen – eh ok
    4 Za’Karia Sanari – um.. to strange for me
    5 Austin Carter – nice combo
    6 Destiny Brianna – nice combo. i dont mind either name
    7 Rylan Jayce – uh only like jace spelled this way. and prefer ryan to rylan
    8 Blake Ray- kind of too choppy and simple. i like blake though
    9 Callie Danielle – dont like callie. danielle is fine

    1 Noah James – classic
    2 Joshua Devan Jr and Noah Matthew (twins) – Nice twin set
    3 Miah Christine – nice name but weird spelling. is it mia or maya? i like both.
    4 Jamie Paul Jr – i like jamie although its youthful
    5 Kylee Sue – prefer kylie spelling. its a cute name. wouldnt just use sue. maybe kylie susanna?
    6 Preston Michael – preston sounds to rich and stuck up
    7 Enrique Jairo- cute
    8 Kay’den Elijah- why the ‘ in the middle? sounds good. would spell it cayden. not a fan of variations of aiden though
    9 Aubri Rose – pretty. would spell it aubrey
    10 Aydenn Anthony – wouldnt put to a names together and prefer aiden spelling again.

    wow some of these girls chose good names. others bizarre. they should stop having kids!


    I really like Aubree Skye and Isaac Elliot!


    Kimiha I totally agree with Jace & Kai!


    1 Bentley Cadence – Don’t like Bentley, Cadence is nice
    2 Sophia Laurent- Love Sophia. Laurent sounds like a last name.
    3 Leah Leann- Terrible together
    4 Jocelyn Jade- Pretty
    5 Weston Owen – This DOES sound like a cowboy name. The fn and mn don’t really go together because they both end in the “-en” sound.
    6 Carolyn “Carly” Elizabeth – Pretty

    1 Jace Vahn- This one is ok
    2 Lyle Thomas- Don’t like
    3 Nevaeh Lynn- Nevaeh is extremely popular now!
    4 Aubree Skye – Agree that Aubrey is also really popular
    5 Aidan Elliot – It’s ok, but the -aiden names are really popular
    6 Jordynn Amelia Marie- Jordan is one of the only unisex names I think are ok for girls.
    7 Brooklyn Marie- Pretty
    8 Aliannah “Ali” Hope and Aleeah Grace (Twins)- Too matchy, I don’t like this spelling of Aleeah
    9 Summer Jayde – Don’t like
    10 Isaac Elliot – This one is ok

    1 Brody Ryan – Don’t like Brody
    2 Genesis Alexa – Beautiful. Both of these names were on my girl’s list. (Genesis has become more popular, though)
    3 Liam Allen – Don’t like together
    4 Za’Karia Sanari – Sanari is pretty, don’t like apostrophies in names
    5 Austin Carter – It’s ok
    6 Destiny Brianna – Pretty
    7 Rylan Jayce – Don’t like
    8 Blake Ray – Sounds country
    9 Callie Danielle – Cute

    1 Noah James – I like this one, Noah is very popular now
    2 Joshua Devan Jr and Noah Matthew (twins) – These are nice
    3 Miah Christine – Can’t tell how Miah is pronounced, I’m guessing My-ah?
    4 Jamie Paul Jr – Don’t like
    5 Kylee Sue – Don’t like
    6 Preston Michael – I like it…I know a 3 year old named Preston
    7 Enrique Jairo – Like Enrique, don’t like Jairo
    8 Kay’den Elijah – Overused
    9 Aubri Rose – Pretty
    10 Aydenn Anthony – Don’t like the spelling, but I like Anthony


    A lot of those do sound pretty “teen mom” to me.
    The ones I like are Sophia, Leah, Carolyn, (I’m neutral on Weston), Isaac, Callie, Noah, Joshua, and Enrique. I would like Miah if it were spelled Mia, Maya or Maia.

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