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Stuck on Girl names

  • MomE2B

    My Husband and I are currently TTC. We have had our boys name picked out for years.
    Jack Larry (after my Dad)
    But we are stuck on girls names. We’d really like to use the Middle name Sandra to honor my grandma. But we’re not having much luck finding anything that we love.
    These are some we kinda like right now, but nothing we LOVE. Any ideas or suggestions would be great.

    Mia Sandra
    Lydia Sandra
    Elizabeth Sandra “Ellie”
    Reese Sandra
    Charlette Sandra
    Harper Sandra
    Aubrey Sandra
    Penelope Sandra

    We cant seem to agree on anything or find anything that flows well with Sandra as a Middle name.


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  • Medb

    I think Mia Sandra and Penelope Sandra are the best out of your list.

    Other ideas:

    Ruby Sandra (really pretty!)
    Isobel Sandra
    Thalia Sandra
    Amelia Sandra
    Violet Sandra
    Hadley Sandra
    Vivian/Vivienne Sandra


    It is a tricky MN to work with.
    I think names ending in “a” tend to sound kind of rhymey with it so I would try to avoid those. I love pp’s suggestions of Ruby, Isobel, Violet or Vivienne. I also like Elizabeth or Charlotte from your list. (The Charlette spelling looks off to me.)


    I like a lot of your name ideas! But I agree that the middle name makes it tricky.. although I completely understand the desire to use a family name. We are doing the same thing and it makes things tricky for us as well! I like the idea of Ruby and Vivian (personally like the shorter spelling better) that was suggested. I like Quinn and Gwyn (and my daughter is Bryn…ha!) and I think those would flow with Sandra. Tatum? Taylor? Olivia is popular, but very pretty. I also like Emme.

    Good luck!


    From your list, I like Penelope or Charlette best with Sandra (although I prefer the Charlotte spelling). If you really love another name that is hard to match with Sandra, would you consider using a variant of Sandra like Sandrine (pn Sandreen) that might be easier to work with but still honor your gm? I think Mia Sandrine would be really cute.

    Anabel Conner
    Anabel Conner

    I LOVE when people take a name that is most normally seen in the first name position, such as Sandra, Jennifer, Jessica, etc. and uses it in the middle. To me, that is one of the best things that a person can do to choose a fresh, informed and stunning combo. So I say, go with your gut and use Sandra in the middle, just as you’re planning. It might be harder to find the perfect name to fit, but when you do it will really be grand!

    Your style is hard to peg. You have some beautiful classics (Penelope, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Lydia) and then some modern trendy selections (like Reese, Harper and Mia). So I’m not entirely sure what to suggest to you. On your list, I think Elizabeth Sandra is the nicest. Elizabeth is a classic, but it has SO much going for it as far as nickname potential…and it is so versatile: Ellie (as you said), Ella, Betsy, Bess, Lizzie, Elise, Busy, Beth, Eliza, Liza, Elsie, Elsa…there is so much that this name has to offer, that I can’t help but give it props.

    I also think Penelope Sandra sounds nice…and there again, there is a lot of nickname potential there, too. (Penny, Nell, Nellie, etc.)

    It might help to know what your last name is similar to. Can you tell us what the last name starts with and how many syllables it has? Or a word that sort of rhymes with it? It really helps to help you choose a great combo!

    Some additional suggestions:

    Camille Sandra
    Evelyn Sandra
    Rosemarie Sandra
    Bethany Sandra
    Briony Sandra
    Corinne Sandra
    Daphne Sandra
    Dorothy Sandra
    Emily Sandra
    Gabrielle Sandra
    Melody Sandra
    Melanie Sandra


    Ooh, I like Camille Sandra, Corinne Sandra, or Melody Sandra, too!


    Thank you all so much for your suggestions.Yes Sandra is a very hard Middle name to pair a good first name with, I think thats our biggest problem. But its such an important name to us that we really want to use it.

    As you can tell, yes we dont really have a naming style. If it helps boys names we are set on are listed below. No reason really as to why we chose all J names, we just like them. and Im not a huge fan of having kids whose names all start with the same letter, but it just kinda happened that way. Middle names are also family names.
    Jack Larry
    Joseph William
    Jameson Bret

    Someone had said it might help if you knew our last name. Our last name is, Knolin (pronounced like the name Nolan)

    Out of the names you’ve all suggested I do like Evelyn & Violet. I’ll have to run those by my husband.

    Thanks for your help!


    I think Evelyn works pretty well with Sandra. Another that came to mind was Juliet/Juliette.

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