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Sibling name help

  • lealea

    My hubby and I are having trouble picking a sibling name for our second child. We do not know the gender. Our son’s name is Charlie. We have two names for a girl: Lucy and Whitney. We have a few for a boy, but I so not think any of them flow with our son’s. These names are Connor, Garrett, and Ian. Possibly also Jake.
    We would like to stick with the somewhat classic, laid-back names. Any other suggestion for us? Thanks!

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  • TwoSapphires

    I LOVE Lucy and Ian!
    Whitney to me doesn’t fit as well with Charlie.
    Connor and Garrett are fine. I like Jake as a nickname for Jacob.
    Some other ideas are Lila, Susanna, Rebecca, Ruby, Paige, Benjamin (Ben), and Owen.

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