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Question CAF That I Can’t Think of a Creative Name For- Round 5 of 5-Final Round

  • childofthewaves

    How many years have passed?
    Video Games…
    Love em!: 1 year
    Like em: 2 years
    Hate em!: 3 years

    You discover you/your wife are/is pregnant with multiples!

    My birth date is…
    1st-7th: Twins
    8th-14th: Triplets
    22nd-31st: Quintuplets

    Gender of child 1:
    Have you ever left the country you live in?
    Yes: Boy
    No: Girl

    Gender of child 2:
    Do you like to wear dresses?
    Yes: Girl
    No: Boy

    Gender of child 3: (If applicable)
    Do you have a cellphone?
    Yes: Girl
    No: Boy

    Gender of child 4: (If applicable)
    Do you like Twilight?
    Yes: Girl
    No: Boy

    Gender of child 5: (If applicable)
    Have you ever watched Dr. Who?
    Yes: Boy
    No: Girl

    Names (first and middle):
    My real life first name starts with…
    A-D: Must all have same initials

    E-H: Must have the same or similar meanings

    I-L: Nature names

    M-P: Mythology names (doesn’t have to be Greek)

    Q-T: Must all be from the same book (you choose what book)

    U-X: Biblical

    Y-Z: Named after real life friends or family of yours

    Feel free to add pictures and story lines.

    End of Round 5. This is the last round. Hope you had fun!

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  • morgsselizabeth

    LN: Lincoln

    DH: Nathan Benjamin [34]
    –Reproductive Endocrinologist, MD
    DW: Allie Josephine [28]
    –Registered Nurse, Labor and Delivery
    —DAD: Ai “Shai” Xiang [9]
    —DS: Samuel “Sam” William [4]
    —DS: Brenton “Brent” Gregory [3]
    —DS/DD: Midas Zerachiel/ Melaina Thalia [nb]
    -Horses: Onyx and Lily

    After a year of considering whether or not to try again for another baby, Allie and Nathan were once again elated to find out Allie was pregnant. This time,
    however, instead of hearing just seeing one little baby on the ultrasound, they saw two! The Lincoln’s were delightfully surprised to find out this joyous news and
    welcomed Midas Zerachiel and Melaina Thalia Lincoln into the world.


    LN: Taft
    DW: Antonella Enrica 24
    DW: Madison Sophia 25
    DAD: Violet Faith 6
    DD: Elspeth Maxine 3
    DS: Ryan Parker 2
    DAS: Grayson Ryder 1
    Cats: Becca & Samson 2
    DD/DD/DD: Allegra Siran & Beatrice Suki & Gwyneth Seraphina nb





    Allegra, Beatrice, and Gwyneth:


    LN: Washington
    DH: Ares Apollo (31)
    DW: Charis Briony (28)
    DS: Everett Leo (7)
    DS/DS: River Blaze/Canyon Flint (6)
    ADS/ADD : Liam Alexander/Ava Elizabeth (3)
    DS/DS/DD/DS/DD: Griffin Castor/Ajax Finn/Lorelei Grace/Odin Troy/Theia Penelope (nb)


    Two years after they adopted the boys from Greece…Kim and Mike decided to add one more to their brood. Kim had a little difficulty getting pregnant this time so they decided to try a round of clomid. They were hoping for a sister for Cami…boy were they SHOCKED to learn she would be getting four sisters AND mother brother…that’s right..Quintuplets. Adding to the rarity of Quints the girls were two sets of identical twins. Kim managed to keep the quints inside until 30weeks…the delivery was scary as Kim almost bled out after her c- section. She had to have an emergency hysterectomy to stop the bleeding. The babies were small but healthy. They spent 8 weeks in the nicu gaining weight before they began coming home.

    The Sparks Family

    DW: Kimberly Deanna(28)
    DH: Michael Joseph (29)

    DAS/ DAS: Evangelos Apollo/Nikolaos Andreas (7)( from Greece)
    DS: Alexander Jacob (6)
    DD/ DS: Cameron Ashley/Riley Jordan (4)
    DD/DD/DD/DD/DS: Charlotte Amelia/Catherine Alaina/Caroline Amaya/Cassandra Adrienne/Connor Anthony

    Kim and Mike
    Evan, Niko, Alex, Cami, Riley, Carly, Catey, Carrie, Cassie and Connor.

    Cats: Lilo and Onyx


    LN: Lincoln

    DW: Maci Sophia (33)
    DH: Ken Alex (34)

    Married : 10/18/14

    ADD: Mia Elizabeth (7)
    - 7/7/2017
    DS: Damon Echo (6)
    - 12/1/2018
    ADS: Mason Jacob (5)
    - 3/8/2019
    DS: Noel Ezra (4)

    Cats: Lily & Willow

    Ken & Maci want one more child, they get a surprise when they hear 4 heartbeats on the ultrasound, here are the QUADRUPLTES!

    DS: Owen Kiran
    DS: Kane Lucian
    DD: Sasha Luxe
    DD: Lacee Thea

    Their names all mean Warrior of Light


    LN: Frey

    DH: Will Xander (33)
    DW: Eloise Katherine (29)
    Will & Eloise were married at a small ceremony in Las Vegas and honeymooned in Hawaii.

    DD: Delilah Eve (6)
    DD: Autumn Rose (4)
    DS/DS: Sebastian Mateo & Tomas Gabriel (2) Adopted from Chile
    DS/DD: Beau Charles & Scarlett India (NB)

    Cats: Holly & Jasper

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